Ragi-Soya Pakoras Recipe

Ragi-Soya Pakoras

Ragi-Soya Pakoras also called as Ragi-Soya Pakodas/Pakodis are deep fried fritters made out of Ragi flour (Finger Millet flour/Keppai/Kezhvaragu flour) and Soya flour and which are both nutritious and tasty (Don’t stare at me, I find Ragi tasty 😐) and the pakoda/pakora made outta them would make a perfect tea-time snack 🙂

Ragi Pakoras from HomeMakingWizardry

Reasons Why you should try Ragi-Soya Pakoras:

I now kinda feel bored talking (Technically, writing) about Ragi’s health benefits, so people can refer to these links (Ragi SemiyaRagi Kanji ) for those information (Yeah, I am that lazy, even to copy and paste 😛). Soya is popularly known for its rich protein content. Also, it is rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and is known to have reduced the risk of heart diseases.

It is now available in various forms like Soya milk, Soya flour, Soya chunks, Soya granules etc.

I used to munch on Ragi Pakoras when I stayed with my friends. Ragi Pakoras used to fill our boring Sunday evenings after we were tired of whiling away the whole afternoon by sleeping 😉  And boy, fun those days were (Sighhhhh)!!!!

Over to Ragi-Soya Pakoras from HomeMakingDelight..

Ragi-Soya Pakoras Recipe

Ragi Pakoras from HomeMakingWizardry


1) Roasted Ragi flour (Millet/Kezhvaragu/Keppai flour) – 3/4 cup

2) Soya flour – 1/4 cup

3) Rice flour (Arisi Maavu) /Corn flour (Sola Maavu)  – 1 tbsp

4) Gram flour (Besan/Kadalai Maavu) – 1 tbsp

5) Salt (Uppu) – as needed

6) Green chillies – 2

7) Onion (Big sized) – 1

8) Asafoetida (Perungayam/Hing) – 1 tbsp

9) Curry leaves (Kariveppilai) – a few as per your taste (Optional)

10) Coriander leaves (Cilantro/Kothamalli Thazhai) – a few as per your taste (Optional)

11) Water – a few tbsps as needed

For frying:

12) Oil – as needed

Preparation Method:

1) If you don’t have roasted Ragi flour, just dry roast them in low flame and keep it aside.

2) Cut onions length-wise. Chop the green chillies.

3) Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and add few tbsps of water (or more) to make a dough. It should reach the proper solid consistency well enough for pakoras. (You don’t have to knead it as we do for Chapathi dough :)). Refer the pic below.

Ragi Pakoras from HomeMakingWizardry

4) Heat oil in a heavy-bottomed kadai.

5) Divide the dough into smaller portions (Let them be flat, so that it would be evenly fried throughout) and deep fry them in the oil.

Ragi Pakoras from HomeMakingWizardry

6) Serve the healthy Pakoras hot with tomato sauce/Pudhina chutney.

Ragi Pakoras from HomeMakingWizardry


1) These pakoras can be prepared only using Ragi flour also.

2) If you want, you can add chopped capsicum, ginger, cabbage and carrot to the dough to make it more veggie 🙂

3) Ragi flour is dry-roasted to increase the flavor and to give longer shelf-life to the flour. Whenever I buy ragi flour, I would dry-roast and store it in bulk and use, as needed.

4) You can also add 2 tsps of hot oil while making the dough to make the process faster.

Looking for Ragi dishes?? Check out – Ragi SemiyaRagi Kanji  🙂

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