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Apples are available almost in all the countries and are so popular too. Apples would be the favorites for people of all ages, kids to oldies. Here comes a healthier version of apple milk shake to please your palate 🙂

My memories on Apple Milk Shake:

Whenever we think of some foodie, something/someone would pop into our mind. We would love to share those before starting the Recipe. You  can always skip this part and rush to Recipe, if it is boring for you or you are in a hurry 🙂

I never had a big liking for fruits and vegetables upto my school days. I grew up outta Rasam (Indian soup) and Appalam. ( If you had stabbed me with a knife during those days, you could have seen rasam oozing out of me instead of blood.. he he … Just kidding 😛My mom had to wrestle with me to let me have vegetables. While staying in hostels away from home, I was so fed up with the food that I was ready to grab and eat anything that I mom cooked. Then, I started eating vegetables and then I regretted that I had been missing those yummy mom-made vegetables for 14 long years. (Sighhhh!!!). And then, to make me eat fruits, my mom started preparing juices and milk shakes which all turned out to be very yummy. Whenever I start from home to my hostel on day-time, she would pack for me a tall tumbler of CARROT KHEER ( would post the recipe soon). She used to prepare lemon/orange/sweet-lime juices and apple milk shakes whenever I went home during those days ( That was during the initial days, after which I started pestering her to prepare those for me. My mom might have regretted introducing juices/milk shakes for me 😛 ).  I have tweaked her Apple milk shake recipe with mine and posted it here.



Prep Time: 10 minutes

Serves: 2 

What would you need:

1) Apples – 2

2) Almonds – 10 – 15

3) Deseeded Dates – 8-10/ Date Syrup ( 5 tsp)

4)  Honey/Maple Syrup/Sugar – as per your taste

5)  Chilled milk ( 2 cups)

6) A few saffron strands (optional)

7) Cardamom – 3/4 (Optional)

How to prepare:

1)  Wash the apples and cut the apples into pieces ( Few people prefer peeling the skin off. I don’t want to lose the nutrients in the apple skin).


2)  Always soak the almonds in water for 8 hours before you use it so that the outer layer would be washed off. This outer layer would make the digestion process difficult.

3) Boil and cool down the milk.

4) Put apples, almonds, and the de-seeded dates/date syrup in a mixie.

5) Add sugar/honey/maple syrup as per your taste.

6) Then, add little milk  and give a few rounds in the Mixie and then keep adding the milk until you get your preferred consistency.

7) Crush Cardamom and add it to milk shake. I used cardamom powder as I like the blended taste of cardamom with Apple.

8) Garnish with saffron strands and serve chilled the yummier yet healthier version of apple milk shake 🙂




1)  If you don’t like dates, you can add Pista essence too. That would also taste very well.

2) I prepare with chocolate syrup/chocolate powder too. Choco-Apple milk shake would also be damn tasty 🙂 ( Mouth-watering, when thinking of that!!!)

3) Always prefer honey/maple syrup to sugar. Recent days, so many people have raised alarms on the ill-effects of white sugar on health. I have now reduced my sugar in-take and switched to honey.

4) If you have no time, just prepare this using honey, apple and milk. That would also do.

5) There are so many spices like Cardamom, Cloves, saffron which would be widely used in almost all the special sweets/desserts. Those are so good for health, so try to use them whenever you have them in stock.

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