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Henna for Hair Growth

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Ever had your fingers running through your upper, front portion of your head (when you claim to be in deep thoughts, but actually dwelling on a reverie) and suddenly realized that “they are not actually running through your hair but just touching and moving along your scalp (Probably, this is when your reverie shatters :D)??????? Well, you are not alone. Welcome to “CRY-OVER-HAIR-FALL” club 😀 But, Don’t worry! we would soon get the hell out of the club 🙂

Salt/contaminated water (for washing the hair), Poor food habits, Inadequate water consumption and many other factors are there to cause severe hair fall. I had been staying and changing hostels continuously for more than 10 years, because of which my hair had to suffer through various types of water (salty/muddy/dusty etc), none of which did any good to my hair. Work stress, late-night sleeps also had taken their toll on my hair. My hair which was once thick, voluminous,silky and shiny was turning into thin, scanty, dry and dull right in front of my eyes and the worst part is I dint know what to do about that except for worrying, which added up to the hair fall 🙁

After having tried out several methods, finally I am getting my hair back to how it was, when I was in my teens 🙂 Now, my friends have started asking me what I do for my hair as they could see great difference in my hair volume and texture ( Soon, I would be outta “CRY-OVER-HAIR-FALL” club, mind you!!! 😀 ) So, I am here now, sharing one of the best tricks that I followed to get my hair back which in nothing but the Indian herb – “Henna” 🙂

Over to Henna’s benefits for hair and its applying method from Home Making Delight..

Henna – For Hair Growth

Many people are under the impression that (Even, I was one of those until a few months ago) “Henna” would be used only to camouflage the grey hair. It is so not true as henna is loaded with so many other benefits apart from adding a deep-red (color may vary from orange-deep red depending upon the type of henna) tinge to the hair strands.

Let’s see the benefits/goodness of henna for hair..

1) To camouflage grey hair:

Henna has been used for temporary coloring of hair as well as decorating (with henna’s orange color) the hands and feet of Indian women, since ages. Henna can naturally “dye” your hair well which could be used to cover up the grey hair. But, many people think that it would turn your black hair to brown. But, I have been using Henna for close to one year now and my hair color is still black. When I go out in the sun, my hair would show off a blackish deep-red shade, which I love the most. Many people have told me that they like the way my hair shines, all thanks to Henna 🙂

2) To add volume to hair:

Every hair strand would vary in thickness depending upon how healthy it is. Regular application of Henna on the hair would add volume to the hair strand thereby making the thin strands look thick and finally, your tresses would bounce with increased volume 🙂

3) Loosening curls:

Henna would help in loosening your curls and thus you can enjoy your straight hair to some extent. If you are a big fan of Straight hair (like I am), then you can enjoy this added advantage of Henna 🙂

4) To Condition hair:

Henna would be a great conditioner for your hair. It would protect the hair from damage and coat the hair strands with a protective layer that helps in repairing the damage caused to your hair due to various external factors.

5) To treat dandruff:

Henna is known to have cured dandruff from hair. Applying Henna once in a week would help in getting rid of dandruff.

6) To treat damage:

Your hair may get damaged because of too much exposure to sun or too much exposure to chemicals (especially when you go for hair straightening in saloons). Our Magic herb “henna” would come in rescue, in this case as well. Henna can cure the damage caused by all these factors.

Method – How to apply Henna:

What you would need:

Henna powder – 1 cup

Water/Green tea extract – 1.5 cups

Curd/Yogurt – 3 tsps (Optional)

Disposable (“Use and Throw”) Gloves – a pair (Optional)

Henna applying brush (dye-brush) – 1 (Optional)

Glass bowl – 1 (Henna would leave stains, so don’t use your favorite china/plastic bowl and get it stained)

Old cloth to wear ( Don’t fight with me when Henna drips on your favorite Tee and stains it )

Shower cap – 1 (Optional)

How to apply:

Applying Henna is a messy process, indeed. But, considering all the benefits I told above, it is totally worth it, I would say! I applied Henna religiously and I found every single thing mentioned above coming true for me 😀

1) Mix Henna powder with water/Green tea extract to make a paste and leave it overnight. Henna would take atleast 3 hours to leave out the dye.

2) Mix curd with Henna paste. Henna might dry your hair a bit. So, adding curd would help in moisturizing your hair.

3) Ensure that the Henna paste formed is neither too thick not too watery. If watery, it would drip everywhere and start leaving stains. If very thick, you might find it difficult to apply. It should be in cream-like consistency.

4) Use a pair of gloves and hair-brush to apply henna on your hair covering the entire strands from scalp, hair-root to the tip. Put on a shower cap, if you have. If you use your fingers directly to apply Henna, you might have to roam around with orange colored fingers for a couple of days.

5) Leave it like this for 2 hours (at least an hour).

6) Then, just wash and rinse your hair with normal water.

7) After drying your hair naturally, apply a liberal amount of oil to the scalp and hair.

8) Wash your hair the next day using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

9) Repeat the process every week (at least once in 2 weeks) for minimum two months to enjoy all the above mentioned goodness. you would see the results, for sure 🙂 Do continue the same process for maintaining your thick, long, silky, healthy and shiny hair 🙂


1) If you don’t have gloves, you can use some old “polythene covers” to cover your hands/fingers while applying Henna.

2) It is okay, if you don’t have a brush. Just apply using fingers (covered by a polythene cover) and apply from root to tip.

3) Henna might cause some dryness, that is why I have told to apply oil on the day when Henna is applied. If you don’t feel like washing your hair continuously for 2 days, you might add curd to henna (This would take away all the dryness and moisturize) and wash it off using mild shampoo that day itself. But, I would strongly recommend the one mentioned above.

4) I am using “Nupur” Henna brand of Godrej. I personally feel this one is soooo good as they have mixed a bit of Fenugreek, Amla etc which aid in Hair growth 🙂 Always ensure that you get a good brand of Henna powder.

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