HomeMade Tomato Puree Recipe

HomeMade Tomato Puree

Tomato puree is a simple sauce-like liquid, that is prepared by washing, blanching and boiling the tomatoes and then mashing and straining it. The difference between Tomato sauce and puree is that Sauce would be more seasoned and flavored. To some extent, tomato sauce can be substituted for tomato puree.  Tomato puree is so indispensable in most of the Indian Dishes, especially North Indian, these days. Many people don’t like the tomato pieces coming up in their dish (I dunno, why.. I always have been a fan of that Tangy Tomato taste!), albeit tasty 😐 Most recipes (like Indian Curries, subji varieties and gravies) would taste great, if we add tomato puree, instead of tomatoes.

And, the process of preparing this Puree at home is quite smooth and easy. Rather than buying a can of this from super market which is loaded with all those preservatives, we could easily prepare it and store it for future use. Here is the recipe for Tomato Puree from Home-Making Delight 🙂

Tomato Puree Recipe

Tomato Puree from HomeMakingWizardry

Would make one cup of Tomato Puree. You can add more tomatoes and prepare this in bulk and use, when needed. Adjust the ingredients accordingly.


1) Fresh and Juicy (Big) Tomatoes – 4/5

2) Salt – 1/4 tsp

3) Sugar – 1 tsp

4) Vinegar – 1 tsp (Optional for immediate consumption, Recommended for bulk preparation and storage)

Preparation Method:

1) First step is to blanch the tomatoes. Wash the tomatoes, boil the water and drop the tomatoes in boiling water carefully. The tomatoes should be well immersed.

Tomato Puree from HomeMakingWizardry

2) After 5 – 7 minutes, You can see the tomato skin coming off.


3) Turn the heat off and drop the tomatoes in the chilled/normal water.

4) Now, peel the skin off the tomatoes (It would come off easily). Remove the seeds, if you want. Normally, I don’t mind the seeds.



5) Put in a blender/mixer grinder. Add salt and sugar and grind. Do not add water.


6) Now, heat the ground puree in low flame until it thickens. This step is optional, if you have already got the thick puree 🙂

Tomato Puree from HomeMakingWizardry

7) Add a tsp of vinegar, if you plan to store for long time.

Tomato Puree from HomeMakingWizardry


1) This puree would stay good for 3 months, when saved frozen.

2) If you don’t wanna add sugar, then it is perfectly fine 🙂

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