Milk Kheer – (Paal payasam) Recipe – Indian Dessert

Milk Kheer – (Paal payasam)

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Milk Kheer aka Paal Payasam does not need an introduction to Indians, as this would be prepared in almost every homes for all occasions. But, this is another rich version of Paal payasam with a touch of North Indian taste. This rich Milk based dessert is made out of slow boiling the ghee roasted rice in milk along with sugar until it gets thick and creamy.

Milk-Rice Kheer

Health benefits of Milk:

1) Milk is rich in calcium and vitamin D, which are essential for healthy bones and teeth.

2) Also, Milk has necessary proteins that would build the muscles.

3) The potassium in it would reduce the risk of stroke and blood pressure.

3) As this recipe is rich in Milk, diabetic people and weight-watchers can just only have a few spoons 🙂


Being a sweet tooth, I have always liked all types of Kheer (Paysams). My mom would prepare a payasam for every occasion, back in my place. Out of all the kheers, dhal kheer (paruppu payasam) and Javvarisi Payasam (Sago Kheer) were my favorites until I tasted this version of Milk-Kheer. Whenever my mom prepared Milk Kheer, I would ask “Why not Dhal-kheer?” serving myself a big bowl of Rice-Milk Kheer (I can’t say NO to that either 😀). But now, I would never ask for Dhal-Kheer, if rice-milk kheer is prepared this way.

Let me tap my head about Milk-Kheer and see what falls off the top of my head..

That was yet another lousy day at office and we were just done with our status call, when my teammate had just brought her Milk-Kheer to our desks. She had just been recently engaged and it was a custom for them to prepare something out of the auspicious rice given to her by her MIL on her engagement day. So, she had prepared Rice-Milk Kheer out of that Rice and we (Other south-Indians in the team) got to taste that. AAAhhhhh!! If everAmruth existed, that would definitely taste close to that one for sure 🙂Praising her a lot, we finished off that bowl of Kheer very fast 🙂

Needless to say, I got the recipe from her, which was surprisingly very simple!!! Ever since that day, I have been finding occasions to prepare that – Relatives’ visits, Birthdays, Friend’s house warming, Karthigai Dheepam etc. Every time when I prepare and give it to people, I would definitely get a call from them to thank me and to get the recipe (Every single time, Yayyyyy, Thanks to her).

Over to her Recipe of Milk-Kheer (Paal Payasam) now:

Rice kheer/Milk Kheer Recipe

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cooking Time : 20 – 25 minutes 

Serves: 1


1) Milk – 1.5 cups

2) Ghee – 1 tsp ( For roasting rice) + 1 tsp ( For roasting cashews)

3) Rice – 1 tsp

4) Cardamom – 2

5) Sugar – 1.5 tsps

To Garnish:

1) Pistachios – 2 ( Or more as per your taste) – Optional

2) Saffron – a few strands ( Optional)

3) Food color – of your choice – a  tinge (Optional)

4) Cashews – 2 ( Or more as per your taste)

Preparation Procedure:

1) Wash and clean the rice, Add ghee to a pan and roast rice in it an keep it aside. Also, fry cashews in ghee and keep it aside.

2) Heat milk a pan (Preferably a non-stick pan) and bring to boil in a medium flame.

Milk Kheer - Paal Payasam

3) Once boiled, keep it in simmer mode throughout the process.

Milk Kheer from HomeMakingWizards

4) Add ghee-roasted rice to the milk and stir it.

Milk Kheer from HomeMakingWizards

5) Keep stirring it once in 2 minutes to prevent the milk from sticking to the vessel.

6) Do this until the milk gets reduced to half its volume ( 3/4th of a cup approximately). By then, Rice would also have been cooked completely in milk.


7) Now, add the sugar to the milk.


8) Check whether the milk has reached a thick cream-like consistency.


9) Add a tinge of your favorite food color ( I used lemon-yellow). Garnish with saffron strands, pistachios and cashew nuts.

10) Serve chilled 🙂



1) Avoid using food-color as Kheer would taste and look good even without that 🙂

2) Use a non-stick pan, if possible as milk would tend to stick to the corners of the vessel and you will have to scrape it very often.

3) Don’t add water to the milk.

4) Do not add boiled rice to the milk as the rice should be boiled in milk to give that special taste to the kheer.

5) Do not throw away the malai ( Milk cream/ Paaledu/ Paaladai) while cooling as this would enhance the taste. Just try tasting the malai after adding the sugar… Yummmmmyy would that be!!! I always do that while preparing kheer.

6) Do not add more rice as that would make the rice absorb most of the milk and taste would not be that great then.

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