Ragi Porridge – Ragi kanji/Keppai/Kezhvaragu Kanji

Ragi Porridge ( Ragi Kanji ) – Sweet version

Ragi Kanji is a Delicious South-Indian porridge made out of Finger Millet Flour. This health drink is so nutritious and takes hardly a jiffy to prepare 🙂 Ragi is also called as kezhvaragu/Keppai in Tamil.

We realize, it  has been a while since we have posted a “Healthy Recipe” in HomeMakingDelight 😐 Few viewers have even started asking for some healthy recipes. People are now coming on my way, despite Deepa’s totally intriguing Christmas Recipes 😀  I am so elated 🙂 Until this January, I would be so held up with my Project work and household chores, after which you can see hell lot of healthy/quick recipes pouring in 🙂 (That would be replenishing, I hope.. Waiting for those days). For now, we are presenting a damn healthy yet simple recipe – Ragi Porridge (Ragi/Keppai/Kezhavaragu Kanji) – Millet Porridge from HomeMakingDelight 🙂

Millet Porridge ( Ragi Kanji) from HomeMakingWizardry

Ragi Porridge (Ragi Kanji) – Sweet version:

As I have mentioned in our other Millet Recipes, Ragi (Finger Millets) used to be quintessential in Tamilians’ daily diet until a few decades ago. Now, it is gaining popularity again as our current world’s palate is turning its head back to healthy/natural food.

Ragi (Millet) is so rich in Calcium and proteins and when consumed for breakfast, it would provide all the energy and strength needed for the day. It is also rich in fibre and it would reduce appetite. So, people who watch their weight can take Ragi for breakfast so that they would gain the strength for the day and their appetite would also be under control (Better way to lost that extra pound, without losing nutrients, huh??) . It is also good for diabetic people and small kids.

Over to Ragi Porridge (Sweet version) Recipe from Home-Making Delight..

Ragi Kanji – Millet Porridge (Sweet version) Recipe


Millet Flour (Ragi maavu/ Ragi Powder) – 1/2 cup

Water  – 4 cups

Boiled Milk – approximately 2 cups (as you prefer)

Salt – 1/2 tsp

Sugar – as per your preference (Approximately 3 tsps for a final glass of Ragi Porridge)

Cardamom – 5 – 7 / Cardamom powder – 1/2 tsp (Optional)

Chopped nuts (Almonds/Cashews/Pistachios) – a few tsps (Optional)

Preparation Method:

1) Dry Roast Ragi Flour (Millet Flour) in a pan in low flame for 3 – 5 minutes. Take care the flour is not burnt. Stir frequently.

Ragi Kanji - Millet Porridge from HomeMakingWizardry

2)  Take it off the stove and add water to the roasted Ragi Flour and whisk until there are no lumps (I used a whisker).


3) Now, heat this mixture again in low flame stirring frequently until the porridge thickens. Refer the pic.


4) Once the porridge begins to thicken, add salt and stir once. You can add the required amount of sugar now or later, as per your people’s wish 🙂


5) Switch the stove off and add boiled milk until you reach your preferred consistency. [If you want it thick, add less milk and have porridge using a spoon. If you want it thin, add more and drink it from a tumbler 🙂 I prefer the latter].

6) Add the crushed Cardamom/Cardamom powder and chopped nuts to the porridge.

7) Add the sugar as per your folks’ taste and serve them the nutritious Millet Porridge/ Ragi Kanji chilled/hot 🙂

Millet Porridge ( Ragi Kanji) from HomeMakingWizardry


1) You can dry roast the Ragi flour and store it in an air-tight container and use it as and when you need. This would save your time as you don’t have to roast it every time.

2) Include this in your kid’s post-breakfast drink regularly 🙂

3) While cooking, stir frequently once the Porridge begins to thicken. Or, it would stick to the bottom of the vessel and get burnt easily.

4) Ensure there are no lumps before you start boiling the Ragi-Water mixture.

5) Ragi/Kezhvaragu/Keppai porridge would tend to thicken over time. So, dilute with milk as and when needed.

6) I ran out of jaggery, So I used Sugar instead. Jaggery (Vellam) /Palm sugar (Panangalkandu) would be loads better than white sugar, in health perspective. I tried with honey and I dint like it. Try, if you want 😀

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