Rava Dosa Recipe

Rava Dosa Recipe

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South India is well known for it’s Dosa varieties and Rava dosa (Sooji Dosa) would be the favorite of many, next to Masala Dosa 🙂 The Rava dosa recipe is much easier than the normal dosa as this doesn’t involve the time-taking process of grinding and fermentation. Rava dosa batter is easy to prepare and would taste great 🙂

My mami ( Aunt) is well-known among all our relatives for her excellent cooking and whatever she cooks would turn out really awesome 🙂 My mama (my uncle) always tells me to learn proper cooking from her, which I am planning soon 😉 I have got this recipe from her and it has come out really well for me. Do try this and let me know how you like it 🙂


Rava Dosa


Rava (Sooji) – 1 cup

Rice Flour (Arisi Maavu) – 1 cup

Onions (Vengayam) – 2

Green chillies (Pachai Milagai)- 2

Curry leaves (Karivepilai) – 1/4 th of a cup

Coriander leaves (Cilantro/Kothamalli Thazhai) – 1/4th of a cup

Pepper corns (Milagu) – 3 tsps

Cumin seeds ( Jeera/Jeeragam) – 3 tsps

Coconut [scraped and cut into fine pieces ( as shown in the pic) ] – a few (Optional)

Salt – As  needed

Butter milk – 1 cup

Water – as needed ( may be a cup or little more)

Ginger –  a small piece (as per your taste)

Oil – A few tsps

Preparation Method:

1) Take a cup of rava in a vessel and add water to it until the water just covers the rava. Soak Rava like this for 30 minutes.

Rava Dosa From HomeMakingWizardry

2) Add rice flour and butter milk to the soaked Rava and mix well.


3) Now, add water slowly to this until it reaches the consistency that is thinner than normal dosa batter. Rava dosa batter should be a bit watery.


4) Crush the pepper corns and cumin seeds well and add this to the Rava batter. Add required salt too.


5) Chop the onions finely. Cut ginger,green chillies and coconut into fine pieces. Chop the curry leaves and coriander leaves well.


6) Add all these above to Rava Dosa batter and mix well. Let it stay like this for 1 hour.


7) Now, Heat the Tawa and pour a ladle full of this Rava Dosa batter onto it starting from outside to inside. Batter would be watery and you will not be able to control it much as you do for normal dosas. That is absolutely fine.



8) Now, add a tsp of oil around the dosa. Once it is cooked well ( It might take around 30 – 45 seconds in medium flame in a properly heated Tawa) , flip it over to other side.


9) Once the other side is cooked ( This might take 20 seconds in medium flame in a  properly heated Tawa), take that out of the Tawa and it is now ready to be served.

10) Do this for the rest of the batter and enjoy your Hot Rava Dosas with Sambar and chutney of your choice 🙂



1) Take care not to make your batter tooooo watery. It should be slightly thinner than the Normal Dosa batter).

2) Use a proper ladle for pouring the batter onto the Tawa. The ladle should be able to hold the batter needed for one Dosa. It would be easier if you pour the batter in a single go.

3) Ensure that the Pan is hot enough before you start preparing your Rava dosa on it. When water is sprinkled on it to check whether it is ready, it should give a ‘sshhhhhhh’ sound 😉

4) Always keep your Tawa in Low – Medium flame throughout the process to get the proper golden-coloured Rava dosas 😀

5) The tricky part is pouring the batter on the Tawa. When you take a ladle of batter, the batter on the corners would be more watery when  compared to the middle part. That’s why we do it from outside to inside. The outer part would be watery and run outwards, while you can pour in the middle thick (not-so-thinner)  part towards the center of the Tawa. Do it quick and swiftly in the first go itself using a proper ladle, as I said before. If you want, you can fill-in the outer irregularly shaped holes 😀 Never mind, if you don’t get your proper round shape. Enjoy your flower-shaped Dosas 😉

6) If you fry onions, green chilles, ginger, curry leaves and coconut pieces in 2 tsps of oil, it would taste better.

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