Noodles Sandwich Recipe – Mix and match recipe

Noodles Sandwich Recipe

Noodles Sandwich  – Does the name give the hint on what recipe we are gonna learn now? 😀 Yeah, you will see! I directly prepared brunch last Saturday (Ya.. I am that lazy 😉) because of which my tummy was growling early that evening and it was asking for some Noodles (It never listens to me). When I checked my stock, I realized that I didn’t have enough noodles to serve us both. Then, I vaguely recollected an article where I had read that we could mix noodles and sandwich and end up with Noodles sandwich. I slightly twisted (Actually I could not recollect exactly what it was, blame it on my poor memory!) the recipe to pacify my taste bud. You can try out this recipe, if you ever feel bored of eating plain noodles (Will we ever be???!) in the usual old-fashioned (??!?!?) way. I believe, there is no need to explain the preparation method as you can easily make it out from the ingredients.

Best way to turn two boring dishes into a yummy one!!!!!!

Over to Noodles Sandwich Recipe from Home Making Delight..

Maggie Sandwich

Noodles Sandwich Recipe

Preparation time – 2 mins

Cooking time – 5 mins

Serves  – 2


Any noodles of your choice – 1 packet

Bread slices – 4

Chopped veggies – 6 tsps (preferably onion, tomato, capsicum)

Cheese –  slices (3) or shredded (3 tsps)

Pepper powder – 1/4 tsp

Tomato sauce – 1 tsp


  1. Cook your favorite Noodles and keep it ready (Nobody needs an advice on how to cook this, I suppose :D)


2. Toast the bread with butter on both sides.


  1. We are almost done. Place a scoop of noodles on toasted bread, add veggies, shredded cheese & pepper. Keep it in oven for 5 min at 300F or until the cheese melts.


  1. If you are planning to use the cheese slices, place them on the top of the bread while the other side is getting toasted. This would add a nice flavor to our bread. Add cooked noodles on top of it.

  2. Not a big fan of cheese?? Have Noodles  sandwich with tomato sauce, then 🙂

imageA good evening snack for kids 🙂

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