Scholl Heel Repair Cream Review

Scholl Heel Repair Cream – Product Review

Hey folks,

Heard of Scholl Heel Repair Cream from friends? Seen all those flashing display of Scholl products in shops/online? If you feel like trying this product and if you are confused whether to give it a try or not, you have reached the right place 🙂

Let’s review “Scholl  – Cracked Heel Repair cream” from Home Making Delight..

Scholl Heel Repair Cream Review

Scholl heel repair cream review - HomeMakingDelight

Scholl Heel Repair Cream Review – HomeMakingDelight

Date Reviewed: June 09, 2015

Product Name: Scholl Heel Repair Cream

Product Cost:  INR 125 for a 25g tube

Any discounts when I bought: I got it from Amazon and it was delivered in 2 days and I got it for Rs.100/-.

Scholl heel repair cream review - Home Making Delight

Scholl heel repair cream review – Home Making Delight

What the product claims:

1) Repairs dry, rough and cracked heels

2) Deeply Moisturizes

How to use:

Apply twice daily to clean, dry skin. Once the skin is restored, continue to use as necessary to maintain condition.

What I feel:

None of the Scholl branded products has ever failed me quality-wise and this one is no exception to it.

1) It does not dry or irritate the skin. It does moisturize the feet deeply.

2) It cracks the heels on regular usage.


1) It is odorless.

2) It is not greasy and does not stain the clothes.

3) Quick healing of cracks and dry skin.


1) Too expensive. I would have been happy if it is at-least a 40 gm tube for 125 rupees.

2) It won’t even last for a week, if we apply twice daily.

How would I rate:

I would give 4.5/5 for this one based on quality and 3/5 for cost.

Would I buy this product again?

MAY BE.. (Costly it is!!)

DO Check Amazon Online Store to get this product in a cheaper rate – Amazon Scholl Foot Cream

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