Medhu Vada Recipe – Ulundhu vadai (Urad dhal vadai) Recipe

Medhu Vada

“Medhu Vada” is one of the most popular and traditional South-Indian snacks which has been sticking to the top list of the menu on Pooja days for years now 🙂 These deep fried fritters are also called Ulundhu vadai/Urad dhal vadai and this would be the best accompaniment to Pongal/ Rava Kitchadi/ Semiya Kichadi/ Idly. You can never see a hotel in TamilNadu that doesn’t serve “Medhu vadas”  for breakfast 🙂

Reasons why you should try Medhu vada :

The major ingredient of Medhu Vada is “Urad dhal”/”Ulundhu” which is a rich source of protein and it would provide the necessary energy for the body too. That’s why it has been consumed as part of daily breakfast in South India.

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Medhu Vada Recipe

I have been trying to prepare the “Medhu Vadai” batter in mixie (Mixer Grinder) for over an year but been ending up in making bondas. Though, there was no much difference in the taste between the two, I so wanted them to be proper “vadas“. The mere thinking of vadas always takes me back to those good old days when my mom had to shoo us away from the kitchen while preparing them. But, my brother always had the knack of bagging a few vadas before pooja. Okay!! Coming back to where I had left, there was some left-over sambhar in hand yesterday, which made me think of preparing vadas. With the relief that my back up plan (sambhar – Sambhar bondas would still taste good !! ) had given me, I determined to get a solution for making perfect vada batter in mixie and got into action. Finally, to my utter surprise, I managed to prepare pakka, crispy Vadas from my “Mixie” batter 🙂 (Ahhhhh! At lasttttt!!).

You can also try this recipe when you want to make vadas in few numbers and you don’t have a normal Grinder. Over to Medhu Vada Recipe from HomeMakingDelight..

Medhu Vada Recipe

Preparation time – 15 mins

Cooking time – 20 mins

Makes 10-12 vadas


Urad Dhal (Ulundhu) – 1 cup

Salt – 1 tsp or as per your taste

Asafoetida (Hing/Perungayam) or Ginger – 1/4 tsp

Rice Flour (Arisi Maavu) – 2 tsp

Chilled water – 1/4 cup (roughly)

You can also add pepper and curry leaves for better taste.

Preparation Method:

  1. Soak Urad dhal for 90-120 minutes. Drain the water completely and grind with salt and asafoetida.


  1. Once it is coarsely ground, add the chilled water and grind it to a fine paste. For checking the consistency, drop a small ball of batter in water and ensure that it floats.


  1. Transfer it to a bowl and add rice flour if necessary. I refrigerated the batter for half an hour. It helped me make vadas in the preferred shape (optional).


  1. Heat oil in the kadai and make sure it is hot enough before frying the batter in oil. Mould the vadas using your palm or a wax paper and gently drop them in oil and deep-fry. Flip to both the sides while frying.

  2. Once the outer layer has turned into a slight golden brown crust, take it out of the oil and drain in tissue paper.

Medhu vadai recipe - Ulundha vadai from Home making Delight

  1. Serve your Medhu vada hot with coconut chutney (Click here for spicy peanut-coconut chutney Recipe) or sambhar. Check out new version of coconut-less Peanut Chutney here.

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  1. Serve the Medhu vada hot, when it tastes at its best.
  2. You can make Sambhar-vada (Using Sambhar), Rasa-Vada (using Rasam) or Curd Vada/dahi-vada/Thayir vada (using curd), if they are available. Add chopped onions, tomatoes & cilantro for a better taste.

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