Methi Poori Recipe

Methi Poori

Methi Poori is a healthy version of Poori made out of Methi leaves, also called as “Vendhaya Keerai”/Fenugreek leaves. This is a popular dish in North India and it is gaining popularity in South India too. As methi leaves tend to have a very slight bitter taste and a nice aroma, “Methi Poori” is one of the best ways to have all its goodness without struggling much 😉 (Compared to Methi Porial ( Vendhaya Keerai Poriyal), Vendhaya Keerai Podi etc).

Methi (Fenugreek/Vendhaya keerai) leaves are so rich in potassium, vitamins and essential minerals for our body. Also, this would aid digestion (after those crispy pooris dipped in Oil, we would very much need this ;))

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Methi Poori Recipe

Methi Poori from Home Making Delight

Methi Poori from Home Making Delight


Wheat flour – 2 cups

Dried Kasoori methi leaves – 1/2 cup Or Fresh Methi leaves/Vendhaya Keerai – 3/4 of a cup

Salt – as  needed

Water – 3/4th of a cup or more as needed for dough

Rava (Sooji) – 2 tsp

Cumin seeds (Jeera) – 1 tsp

Red Chilly powder – 1 tsp

Asafoetida (Hing/Perungayam) – 1 tsp

Oil – For frying Pooris

Preparation Method:

1) If you are using Dried Kasoori Methi – Boil water in a vessel and add dried kasoori methi to it. Add a bit of salt too. Let it cool for sometime and strain the water from the leaves.

      a) If you are using fresh methi leaves, wash and finely chop the methi leaves.

2) Mix wheat flour, asafoetida (hing), red chilly powder, rava, salt, cumin seeds in a bowl (wide-opened bowl preferably).

Methi Poori from HomemMakingWizardry

3) Now add the boiled kasoori leaves and knead the dough, as we prepare for normal pooris, by adding required amount of water. The process would be same for fresh leaves also.

    a) Kneading the dough: add little water at a time, and mix the water well with flour by giving swift circular rotations beginning from inside of your bowl towards the corners, until the dough is not sticking to your hands/to the sides of the bowl. Knead it for a few more minutes until it reaches a consistency when you can easily roll them well into pooris (Refer the pic).

Methi Poori from HomemMakingWizardry

4) Make small balls out of the kneaded dough.

Methi Poori from HomemMakingWizardry

5) Place the balls on the Roti-Rolling-board or a Poori-Presser and roll them into fine, thin round shaped pooris (Refer the pic).

Methi Poori from HomemMakingWizardry

6) Repeat the process for all the small balls.

7) Heat oil in a thick bottomed vessel and once it is hot enough, drop the pressed pooris slowly and deep fry them

8) With the proper spatula, gently press the corners until the poori gets puffed up.

Methi Poori from HomemMakingWizardry

9) Turn it over after it has just turned golden brown. Once this side has also turned golden brown, take that poori out of oil.

10) Serve the hot Crispy pooris with a gravy of your choice 🙂

Methi Poori from Home Making Delight

Methi Poori from Home Making Delight


1) Adding 2 tsps of warm oil would make the kneading process easier.

2) You can add green chillis also to the flour, if you like it. Adding a tsp of ajwain (Omam) would enhance the taste.

3) Don’t touch the flour while rolling the pooris as this would cause those residual deposits in your oil.

4) Take care not to burn pooris while frying.

5) Wash and clean the leaves well in salt water, if you are using fresh methi leaves.

6) If you feel that methi leaves are bitter, then reduce the amount of leaves.

7) You can also boil and grind the leaves and then use that mixture instead of water while kneading the dough. That would also be equally tasty and green in color.. 🙂

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