Vanilla-Raspberry Layer Cake Recipe

Vanilla-Raspberry Layer Cake

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Vanilla-Raspberry Layer Cake – Creamy, flavored Vanilla cake layered with home-made Raspberry Sauce and Whipped Cream.

Tired of eating simple, plain Vanilla cake?!?!? Here comes an easy recipe for giving your boring vanilla cake a cool make-over to Raspberry-layered-cake with just two easy additional steps. I had a bakery-bought, yummy strawberry cake a few days ago. Since then that craving for the layered cakes has been lurking in my tongue and tummy. Finally, I shooed away my laziness and prepared this Vanilla layer cake with Raspberry-filling and strawberry-topping & this is extra-special for me as I prepared this for my special die-hard strawberry lover 🙂

It has been really long time since we have posted a delicacy in HomeMaking Wizardry. I could easily blame it on one of the numerous reasons that are popping out of my head – the New Year Dhamaka, its super excitement, a few travels, physical illness caused by hyper-excitement over the new year, Year-end work load etc. But, I don’t want to 😐 Instead, I would go with my laziness as those are not good reasons for a truly passionate blogger (Who am I kidding??!!??)  😀 I have missed this space very much and so here I am , stringing my words together at this unearthly time 😉

Enough chit-chatting.. Over to Vanilla-Raspberry layer cake Recipe from Home Making Delight..

Vanilla-Raspberry Layer Cake Recipe

In this cake, the raspberry sauce is sandwiched between the vanilla cake with the whipped cream on top. You can have a blast of spongy vanilla cake, sweet & tangy flavor of raspberry sauce and the fluffiness of whipped cream in your mouth. We can keep our fingers crossed to get hi-fives from the berry lovers 😀

Vanila Raspberry Layered Cake Recipe - HomeMakingDelight

Vanila Raspberry Layer Cake Recipe – HomeMakingDelight

Preparation time – 20 mins

Yields – 10-12 Slices


Eggless Vanilla cake (Click to know the Recipe) (9-inch cake)

Raspberry Sauce (Click to know the Recipe)  – 1/2 cup (+1 or 2 tblsp)

Vanilla Whipped Cream – 2 cups


  1. Slice the vanilla cake horizontally into two halves without breaking the cake into crumbs.


  1. Spread the raspberry sauce on the inner side of the cake in both halves.


  1. Apply a smooth coat of vanilla whipped cream over the sauce. Now, pile up the two halves one above another by bringing the whipped cream sides together.


  1. Coat the remaining cake with the whipped cream starting from the top layer and spread down.

image445. Refrigerate it for 3-6 hours to get the cake settled. Spread the raspberry sauce on the top (if you wish) and decorate it with sliced raspberries or strawberries.

image596. Slice, serve & enjoy your Vanilla Raspberry Layer Cake.


1) I tried this recipe with one half of the sliced cake as I saved the other half for another recipe.

2) Allow enough time to refrigerate so that you can get perfect slices.

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