Dry Ginger – Sukku – Sonth – Health Benefits

Dry Ginger – Sukku – Sonth – Health Benefits

Dry Ginger is called as Sukku in Tamil and Sont in Hindi. It is loaded with tons of  amazing medicinal properties. It is available in actual solid form as well as in powdered form in most of the super markets now. You can get it from Nattu Marundhu Kadai also.

Sukku Malli tea - DiY - Herbal tea - To cut off belly fat - HomeMakingDelight

Sukku – Health Benefits – Home Remedies

Dry Ginger (Sukku) for  Migraine / Normal head ache:

People who suffer from Migraine can mix honey with sukku powder and eat the paste to get relief from Migraine.

Make a paste of sukku and water and apply it on forehead to get rid of head ache. It would sting a bit. Be cautious.

Dry ginger – Sukku for Digestion:

Sukku is good for curing digestion problems. It would ease the digestion process, especially when you have had a heavy meal.

Dry ginger Sukku for Weight loss & reducing tummy fat:

Dry ginger when consumed as sukku malli tea (Or Sukku malli coffee) along with  coriander seeds would burn the accumulated fat in your tummy and aid in weight loss. Click here to see the recipe.

Dry Ginger – Sukku for body pain:

Make a paste of dry ginger and water and apply (only external application)  to get relief from body ache.

Dry ginger for sore throat, cold and Sinus problems:

Consuming Sukku malli tea regularly would cure sore throat, cold and provide relief from sinus trouble.

Sukku Malli Coffee or Sukku Malli tea for Curing liver problems:

Those who has damaged liver should consume Dry ginger concoction to cure liver-related problems. This one is a recommended home remedy for liver problems. This woudl also detoxify the body.

Dry ginger – Prevents Intestinal Cancer:

Sukku not only provides relief from gastric problems but also prevents intestinal cancer. It also prevents the cancer cells from spreading more. Turmeric powder also has similar cancer-fighting properties.

Sukku Malli tea - DiY - Herbal tea - To cut off belly fat - HomeMakingDelight

Sukku – Dry Ginger – Health Benefits –  Home Remedies – HomeMakingDelight


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