General Kitchen Tips – Save food, time & Energy

General Kitchen Tips to save your time, food & Energy

General Easy and simple Kitchen Tips - Home Making Delight

General Easy and simple Kitchen Tips – Home Making Delight

Kitchen tips – A few handy tips to help you save your time, energy & food considering most areas of cooking like storage, serving, cooking, preserving etc..

For Pooris/Chapathis:

1 )  Use warm water while kneading the dough for chapathis to make them softer. Adding a bit of warm milk also would do the trick.

2 ) Add a small amount of Rava- Sooji while kneading the dough for poori to make crispier pooris.

3) You can add 2 tsps of hot oil to the dough and knead them so that it would be easy for you to knead.


1) Chop the head of green chillies before storing it in Refrigerator to get a longer shelf-life.

2) Always try to prepare Curry leaves powder at home and add it to all your recipes after sauteing. Curry leaves have got loads of medicinal properties and it is good for hair growth too 🙂

3) Peanuts/ Ground peanuts can be used in many recipes. So, whenever you buy Peanuts, dry roast and cool and then and keep them in a safe and air-tight container. You can use them as and when you need.

4) As soon as you buy Rava/Sooji or Semiya/Semolina from store, dry roast them and store in your air-tight containers to get longer shelf-lives. Even it is already roasted, you can roast it.

Disaster Recovery 😀 :

1) If you have added more salt to any of your gravies/kolambu, just peel a potato, cut into 2 halves and drop it in. After sometime, potato would absorb the extra salt. Then, You can take out the potato and  use it for any other side-dish ( Add less salt then! ).

Kitchen Items:

1) Always keep your gasket (Of Pressure Cooker) in a tub filled with water or in a wet area (close to pipes/sink) so that it would not get so many cracks and it would last longer. Don’t ever dry it under the sun, otherwise you will have to rush to stores once in a few days for a new gasket.


1) Always cut green/red chillies length-wise to ease the grinding process, whenever you have to grind them using a mixie (Mixer Grinder).

2) Whenever you are grinding for coconut-Chutney, add the cut coconut pieces (Scraped) to the Mixer Grinder (Mixie) first and give it a quick round in it without water. Then, add other ingredients and then, add water to grind. This way, you can prevent those small coconut pieces appearing in your chutney 🙂

Vegetable Cutting:

  1. Finding difficult to peel off the garlic skin?? Heat it in the microwave for 20 seconds and try to peel it. You don’t even have to actually peel that. It would come off by Dry roasting them in a kadai for a few seconds is also known to make the garlic peeling process easier.
  2. Beets / Beetroots, if pressure cooked for a few whistles would leave no stains on your hands while cutting/peeling. Also, beetroot skin peeling would be dams easier as it would turn soft by pressure cooking.

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