Homemade Paneer

Homemade Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese

Homemade Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese which is creamy, chewy and delicious and is vital in making a few special Indian dishes and is prepared by fermenting milk using lemon juice/vinegar.

I love preparing & eating paneer recipes (mostly eating!! 😐) at home very often. In the initial days, I used to buy Paneer from nearby stores and prepare paneer dishes outta it. But, it was really hard for me to have the store-bought paneer always in stock. Whenever I desperately want to make some dishes, it won’t be available at stores. Then, I decided to prepare it myself at home. Ever since that first time when I tried, I have been preparing it only at home 🙂 ( Uffff! Finally bade Good-bye to the store-brought ones full of preservatives and stuffs!!!). The only thing is we need to be a bit patient till the paneer gets settled. It is really worth the wait and  it will taste heavenly as it is homemade & it is made by YOU 🙂 

Let’s get to how to prepare Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) at home.

Homemade Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) by HomemakingDelight

Homemade Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) by HomemakingDelight

Homemade Paneer – Indian Cottage Cheese Recipe

Preparation time – 30 minutes

Yields – 1 cup of paneer

What You would need

Whole milk – 4 cups/1000ml

Lemon juice -2 .5 tbsps or 1/8 cup


Preparation Method:

  1. Boil milk in a non-stick pan.

  2. When it starts to rise, simmer the stove and add the lemon juice. Stir in well.

  3. You can see the milk starting to curdle after adding the lemon juice. (If not, add a few tsps of lemon juice after sometime and stir well). Switch off the flame and stir well until it’s done. Leave it for five minutes to coagulate completely.

  4. Filter it through a muslin cloth or a clean dupatta. Collect the whey (greenish yellow colored watery liquid) filtered (750-800 ml). Don’t throw it away.

  5. Drain out excess water by squeezing it as much as you can.

  6. Keep the paneer covered and then press some weight (heavy-weighted objects) over it so that the crumbled paneer would become tough for us to make cubes. (I kept a sauce pan with water over the paneer).

  7. Allow it to stay like this for 1.5 -3 hours. Cut the paneer into cubes and store it in the freezer for future use.

Homemade Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) by HomemakingDelight

Homemade Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese) by HomemakingDelight


1) The paneer might be a bit crumbled if you don’t remove the whey thoroughly.

2) Whey can be used to make soups, dough, boil vegetables and even to cook rice. You can also use this to water the plants once it is cooled down.

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