Festival Home Decor – Easy DiY to pep up the festive mood

Festival Home Decor – Easy DiY

In India, the month November would bring in both rain and festivals like Diwali, Navratri, Karthigai Deepam etc. 🙂 The Tamil month “Karthigai” which is well known for its Diya festival – Festival of lights in Tamil Nadu. As the Diya festival is approaching, it’s now time to get your home ready for “Karthikai Deepam” (A delayed post,of course! 😐 Apologies 😐).

Traditionally, we used to light Agal Vilakku / Diyas made from clay (oil lamps) during this light festival. ‘Agal Vilakku‘ is still being used in India during this festival. Tea light candles & LED candles could serve as good replacements for these traditional Diyas, where there is no chance for using ahal vilakku  like when you are scared of oil spills on your carpet/floor, sliding accidents etc

Festival Decor - Easy DiY

Festival Decor – Easy DiY

You can make your normal candles look more festive by making those impressions you love to express and to bring in the festive mood. It goes well for most occasions like Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s day and birthdays. Bring home a special luminescence on this Festival season using this simple Diy. 🙂

Over to Festival Home Decor – Easy DiY with Candles from Home-making Delight..

Materials Needed:

Aluminium Foil

Tea light candle

Pen or any sharp item to punch holes

Glass candle holder

Preparation Method:

  1. Take a clean glass holder, wrap a foil around it and mark the portion on the reverse side of the foil where you want to make your impressions. Trim the edges.IMG_2833

  2. Draw a rough image on foil & start punching visible holes on the marks with regular intervals using pen. Make sure not to double punch the holes.IMG_28343. Wrap the foil on the candle holder by keeping your image properly in place & press the foil so that it is held together.IMG_2838

  3. Keep the candle inside, light it & enjoy the luminescence.


Be Cautious. Don’t leave the candles unattended especially near your clothes/kids/curtains/carpets .

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