Mysore Pak Recipe – Rich & Soft Ghee Mysore Pa – Nei Mysore Pa

Mysore Pak – Rich & Soft Ghee Mysore Pa – Nei Mysore Pa

Mysore Pak also called as ‘Ghee Mysore PA’ or ‘Nei Mysore PA’ (when it is soft and rich in ghee) or ‘Mysore Pagu’ or ‘Mysore Pakku’ (when it is hard and sweet)  is one of the famous, delicious Indian sweets prepared by cooking gram flour in sugar syrup with generous amount of ghee. This ‘Nei mysore Pa’ is served on special occasions and Indian festivals. The only tricky part in this Mysore pak recipe is preparing the sugar syrup in one string consistency. Once you master it, the melting moments are not far away. 🙂 🙂

Mysore Pak from Homemaking Delight

Mysore Pak from Homemaking Delight

I still remember those days when my mom used to prepare different types (from TV shows) of Mysore pak for every Diwali (few would be hard, few extremely soft with ghee flowing in and out of the Mysore Pa) . Yummy!!! Who wouldn’t love that Mysore Pa from sweet shops like Sri Krishna Sweets and Adyar Anandha bhavan which would just melt in your mouth, You don’t even have to bite it; And the fresh aroma of ghee & besan (Gram flour) would make it divinely delicious. Aahhh!!! 🙂 Keeping that taste and flavor in mind, I have tried Mysore Pak a few times before and the below recipe has worked really well for me. I can assure you that you would definitely get close to that Sri Krishna Sweets Mysore pa if you adhere well to the below recipe. 🙂 Make this Diwali more special by making Ghee Mysore Pak for your sweet ones.

Over to Diwali Sweets – Mysore Pak recipe from Homemaking Delight…

Makes 35-40 pieces


Besan Flour – 1 cup

Sugar – 2 & 1/2 cups (heaped) + 2 tblsp for topping

Ghee – 1 & 1/2 cup + 1/2 cup oil

Water – 2 cups

Preparation Method:

  1. Sieve the gram flour twice and keep it aside. Nicely grease a 3 qt tray with ghee.IMG_26362. Heat water in a heavy bottomed pan (preferably non-stick), add sugar and bring it to boil.IMG_26393. Reduce the flame once the sugar syrup gets thickened and forms a string (1 string consistency).IMG_27094. Add the besan flour to the sugar syrup and mix it continuously without any lumps.IMG_27175. Add ghee mixture (1/4 cup every time) in between while mixing to make it smooth.IMG_27196. When the bubbles start appearing, the color fades and becomes frothy (roughly 20-25 min in low flame) transfer it to the greased tray.IMG_2721

  2. Allow it to settle for half hour, sprinkle sugar crystals on top and cut it to desired shape.IMG_2723

  3. Sit back, relax and taste it; Both you and the mysore Pa would melt. You totally deserve a few extra pieces as you have now mastered the divine Nei Mysore Pa. 🙂IMG_2741Tit-Bits:

  4. I tried roasting the gram flour for more flavor, but it didn’t work for me.

  5. Don’t reduce the amount of ghee for it is necessary for the soft & smooth texture.

  6. If you want to make perfect slices, give enough time for the Ghee Mysore Pa to settle down. Ensure that you grease the tray well with ghee.

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