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A BABY – How do we describe a baby?? Priceless wonder, Humanity in its purest form, lovely little Angel parceled from Heaven, Cute bundle of joy, Beautiful and Innocent heart, Adorable gift from God, chubby bubbly pinkie doll.. I could go on and on about a baby, but words can’t really describe the happiness/wonderful feeling that you get when you hold a baby or just when you see a baby smile. 🙂 🙂

top five ways to keep baby's skin soft- pamper my baby - home making delight - homemade herbal baby wash powder


A baby’s smile – with its small, round lips with a cute sound, it could just melt anyone’s heart. Baby’s skin – Soft,fragile and gentle to touch; like a feather, like the snow, like a flower, especially a baby’s feet which has not touched the ground yet. I would love to feel a baby’s feet  (Do check out Top 3 Baby/kids shoes reviewed by nicer shoes) on my cheeks till eternity. Isn’t it our responsibility to preserve the baby’s inner and outer beauty so that it stays the same beautiful, soft and a pure-hearted one when it grows up to explore the world?? As the baby crawls into its childhood and then into its adult world, the parents and the society should take all the responsibilities to make it a perfect human, with not even a slightest hint of evil form – envy, anger, cruelty, indifference, corruption, racism, etc; or simply the God destined all the humans to be. AAAhh, the baby’s just born, isn’t it? Let’s not worry about his/her inner qualities until he/she is out of our hands and off to explore their little world and get influenced by external factors. Until the baby is in our hands, in all its innocence and purity, let’s see what we can do about pampering its skin, (the first external shield of a baby) safe and soft.

Coming to its tender,delicate and soft skin, extreme care should be taken to protect it from rashes, allergies, skin infections, dust, harmful UV rays, chemicals etc. Mothers (Especially new mommies)  would tend to be nervous on protecting their baby’s skin from any possible damage. Would he/she fall down and get scratched? Would the new baby powder be gentle on my baby’s skin? Would he/she get any rashes? Would my baby be okay with the  new shampoo? etc. No worries, New mommie 🙂 🙂 We are here to help you. Over to top five ways to protect your baby’s soft & delicate skin safe from Home-Making-Delight..

top five ways to keep baby's skin soft- pamper my baby - home making delight - homemade herbal baby wash powder


Choose the baby’s outfit carefully

When you go shopping, baby’s apparel section is so irresistible, I agree. But, don’t you buy all those gaudy ones with Zari/buttons/fur/leather that might hurt the baby’s skin! Whenever you take your little one out, ensure that you make the baby wear soft clothing that is comfortable for him/her. If you are based out of Tropical countries, always ensure that you have dressed up your baby in cotton dresses. If you have bought a super-cool dress for some special occasion, try to change the dress as soon as it is possible for you. If the weather outside is too cold, dress up your doll with proper woolen clothes. Whatever you are putting on the baby, always ensure that it won’t hurt, cause allergy/rashes/sweat or make the baby uncomfortable.

Also, take extra care in washing your baby’s clothes. Ensure that you use warm water to wash baby dresses. Use dettol, whenever needed to wash the clothes.

Beware of Diaper Rashes

The most common problem that the babies face is Diaper Rash. Use diapers only when they are necessary. If you have no plans to take your baby outside, then don’t use the baby diapers. Instead, use soft cottony cloth diapers during day time. Of course, Baby Diaper is needed during night time, but at least during the day time,  let the baby be free. Always use a proper, branded diaper. If you buy cheap ones, you might end up hurting the baby with diaper rashes.

Gingelly (sesame) oil bath and Sun bath

People these days use to ignore the importance of Gingelly oil (Sesame oil) for skin. Massaging the baby with sesame oil could do wonders to the skin and growth of the baby. It rejuvenates, nourishes and moisturizes the skin very well. Coconut oil is also highly recommended for massaging. Once in two days, massage the baby’s skin well with coconut oil and let the baby out in the sun for ten minutes in the morning. When I say morning, I mean around 7AM, when there is enough Sun light and Vitamin D, not the UV rays 🙂 🙂 [Don’t you get the baby ready for Sun bath in the morning around 11AM!!!!]

Homemade herbal, baby wash powder

You could easily make a Homemade herbal baby wash powder to keep your little one’s skin soft and supple. You can mix  Kadalai Maavu (besan / gram flour), Payatha maavu (Green gram flour), Roja Mokku (Dry Rose petals – Available in a few supermarkets and most local shops – Naattu Marundhu kadai) and Kasthuri Manjal powder (A kind of turmeric (Haldi) called Wild Turmeric) in equal parts and use this to wash the baby’s skin twice or thrice a week. Kasthuri Manjal – Wild turmeric is aromatic and would protect the skin from infections and it won’t cause any problems in hair growth. So, it is safe to use on boy babies also. All other ingredients would help in nourishing the baby’s skin. Dry rose petals are known to help in maintaining the complexion of the baby.

Proper lotions, creams – use socks to avoid scratches, sunscreen

Whenever you are taking the baby out, use proper baby sunscreens on him/her to protect from harmful UV rays. Also, apply enough moisturizer whenever the skin seems to be dry. Choose all the baby products like baby oil, shampoo, lotions, moisturizers very carefully as the baby’s skin tend to be very delicate and sensitive. If the baby seems to be allergic to any product, stop using that product right away. Once the baby begins to crawl, his/her knee would get scratched very often. As and when they grow up, the knees would become dark,dry and rough. To avoid this, buy soft cotton socks (adults‘) and put that on your little one’s legs. Knees would be safe and your baby would have all the fun exploring the world. 🙂

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