Pachai Payaru Dosa Recipe – Green Gram Dosa without fermentation

Payaru Dosa – Green Gram Dosa Recipe

Payaru Dosa – Green Gram Dosa is a healthy, non-fermented Indian breakfast/dinner – Dosa variety, in which the batter is prepared by grinding green gram dhal with spices and seasoned with sautéed onions & cilantro. The batter is then spread evenly over the hot surface of a flat circular pan (Tawa) to get crispier dosas. This serves as a good alternative, if you get bored of our usual dosai & adai varieties.

Payaru Dosa from HomemakingDelight

Pachai Payaru Dosa – Green gram dosa from HomemakingDelight

When I was chit-chatting with my cousin, she told me about this ‘Pachai Payaru adai dosa‘. I was so curious as it doesn’t involve any fermentation process. First, I was skeptical about the batter as it includes mainly green gram. But, the fresh aroma of batter while grinding the green gram assured that I was just going to love it!!! It sure did!! Unlike other dosa varieties, the green gram dosa remains soft & crispier for long time. Good thing is that it doesn’t involve any fermentation process, though it does involve soaking part.

By making this pachai payaru adai dosa for breakfast/dinner, you can stay assured that your meal is packed with protein & fiber. As a source of iron, green gram also helps you to meet your daily iron needs.

Over to “No Fermentation – Payaru Dosai/Green Gram Dosa Recipe from Home-Making Delight with step by step photos…

Pachai Payaru Dosai Recipe – Green Gram Dosa Recipe

Pachai Payaru Dosa | Green Gram Dosa | Cheru Payaru Dosa | Paasi payaru dosa | Idi Hesaru adai | Pesalu dosa | Muzhu Payaru Dosa | Sabut Moong Dosa Recipe

Serves 2-3


Payaru/Green Gram – 1 cup

Rice Flour – 2 tblsp

Red or Green chilly – 4

Ginger (Inji) – 1 tblsp

Asafoetida (Hing/Perungayam) – 1/2 tsp

Water – 1 cup or as required

Salt as required

To Temper:

Oil – 2 tblsp

Mustard seeds – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – few

Onions – 1/2 cup finely chopped

Cilantro/Coriander leaves – 1/4 cup chopped

Preparation Method:

1. Wash & soak the green gram in water for a minimum of 8 hrs or overnight and drain the water.Payaru Dosa-HMD12. Grind the green gram/payaru with chillies, rice flour, ginger, hing & salt. Add water in between to make a smooth batter.Payaru Dosa-HMD23. Heat oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds. Once it splutter, add curry leaves & chopped onions and saute it until it’s transparent.Payaru Dosa-HMD34. Transfer the onion mixture & cilantro to the batter and mix it well.Payaru Dosa-HMD45. Pour a ladle of batter on a hot tawa and spread the batter in the form of circle. Add a tsp of oil on dosa & let it get cooked.Payaru Dosa-HMD56. Once it is cooked well, flip the dosa to cook on the other side.

Payaru Dosa-HMD67. Serve your Healthy, “No-Fermentaion” Payaru Dosa hot or warm with Tomato chutney or any chutney/Sambhar of your choice as side dish.Payaru Dosa-HMD7Tit-Bits:

1. Make sure to store the left-over batter in refrigerator.

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