Idiyappam Kurma Recipe – Coconut Milk Khorma Recipe

Idiyappam Kurma – Veg Coconut Milk Gravy Recipe

Idiyappam Kurma is a coconut flavored gravy prepared by cooking the vegetables in coconut milk with freshly ground Indian spices. This Salna-like  coconut milk gravy is suitable for serving with both Idiyappam and Parotta. This would go well with Idly, Dosa, Appam etc which are mild tiffins.

Idiyappam Kurma from Homemaking Delight

Idiyappam Kurma from Homemaking Delight

My mom usually prepares Idiyappam in a traditional way with dhal or puliogaree or lemon-flavored or Tomato-Flavored ones for which we don’t need any gravy or side dish to go with. But, I always prefer to have Idiappam with a spicy gravy, as normal Idiappam is ‘too plain to eat’. To make plain Idiappams more interesting & healthy, I prepared this coconut milk gravy as an accompaniment for plain idiappam 🙂

Idiyappam is commonly served with shredded coconut or coconut milk in Tamil Nadu. Coconuts are widely used in Kerala and Tamil Nadu, as most people know. Having hailed from Tamil Nadu, I use coconuts a lot. With my love for the coconut in mind, I prepared this aromatic payaa/salna/Kuruma extra coconutty and spicy :-D. Keralates would prepare many dishes out of coconut and coconut milk. This gravy recipe is close to that of Kerala Stew varieties. You can call this a ‘Masala Stew’, if you want. 🙂 This Kerala Style Veggie Stew tasted delicious with my idiappam. 🙂

We had already posted ‘Potato Stew‘ Recipe to go with Idly, Idiappam and Aappam. But, Potato stew is a mild one whereas this Kerala Style Vegetable stew Kuruma is a spicy one with ground masala added. Both are delicious in their own ways and I just couldn’t compare and tell you which one would be better for your Idiappam or Appam. 😐 So, prepare either Potato stew or Idiappam Gurma or both as you wish 🙂

Idiappam Kurma in which the veggies are stewed in coconut milk would also go well with Parotta, Appam, Idly, Dosa or Indian bread varieties. Over to Idiyappam Kurma – Vegetables in masala stew Recipe from Home Making-Delight with step-by-step photos..

Idiyappam Kurma Recipe – Coconut Milk Khorma Recipe

Idiyappam Kurma | Veg gravy with coconut milk | Kobbari Palu gravy | Naariyal Ka doodh gravy | Tengina halu gravy | Tennappal gravy for Idiyappam | Idiyappam Payaa

Serves 2


Veggies – 2 cups (finely chopped)

Oil or butter – 2 tblsp

Dried bay leaf – 2

Onion – 1/2 cup (finely chopped)

Tomato – 1/2 cup (finely chopped)

Sambar powder or (Chilli powder, Coriander powder, Jeera powder)  – 2 tsp

Mint leaves – few

Curd – 1 tblsp

Thin Coconut milk – 1 & 1/2 cup

Thick Coconut milk or Milk – 1/2 cup or so

Cilantro / Coriander leaves for garnishing

Salt & Water as required

To Grind for ‘Idiyappam Kurma’:

Coconut – 1/8 cup

Cashews – 1/8 cup (soaked in hot water)

Cinnamon Stick – 1 inch

Cloves – 3 nos

Cardamom – 1/4 tsp

Preparation Method:

  1. Blend the ingredients mentioned under “To Grind” & keep it aside. Add water if required to make a smooth paste.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD12. Heat butter or oil in a pan & add bay leaf followed by chopped onions and saute them until the onions are translucent.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD23. Add tomatoes, let it get cooked and then add sambhar powder & give a quick stir. Add mint leaves & curd. Mix it well.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD34. To the mixture, add salt & chopped veggies and cook them with thin coconut milk.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD45. Once the vegetables are well cooked, add the ground mixture & thick coconut milk to adjust the consistency of gravy. Bring it to boil.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD56. Switch off the flame, garnish with cilantro and serve your ‘Idiappam Kurma – Veggie stew‘ hot with Idiyappam or Parotta.Veg Coconut Milk Gravy-HMD6

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  1. Do not cook for long time after adding the thick coconut milk.
  2. You can replace thin & thick coconut milk with water & milk respectively, if you are out of coconut. But, coconut milk is highly recommended for Idiyappam Kurma.
  3. Chop the veggies finely to serve with Idiyappam. For Parotta, you can use diced vegetables.

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