House Relocating tips and tricks – Self Moving Tips – Relocation guide

House Relocating tips and tricks – Self Moving Guide

Relocation Guide – Moving Tips and Tricks – Most people would have to relocate to a new location once in a while or at least once in their lifetime because of work, higher studies, new home, community, schooling purpose or growing family. Whatever the reason may be, relocating has always been a hassle even if you could carry all your things in the trunk of your car.

With our lease coming to an end, we finally decided to pack our bags & move out. Here are few moving tips & tricks which we followed and missed in the process that we thought would help others. Do share your experience/comments in the comments section to help others. 🙂

Self-moving Tips from Homemaking Delight

Self moving Tips from Homemaking Delight


  1. Check your current lease for any special instructions or prior notification for moving out.
  2. Narrow your searches by limiting your location, rent budget and amenities.
  3. Start your house hunt 45 days prior to your scheduled date as most of the rental communities would need 45 or 30 day notice.
  4. There are many rental websites & applications that can help you with the process. Brokers can also help here.
  5. Do not forget to get a few moving tips from people who have already relocated/located in your new locality. They might be aware of many things which you would need.


  1. Prepare a meal plan for the whole week in advance, even if you decide to get take out meals(when & where).
  2. Stock up frozen or home cooked meal in your refrigerator if required.
  3. Make sure you have enough supply of groceries in your hand until you get settled in your new home.
  4. You may feel very tired to go out or cook after moving in. So, have a box of snacks, ready-to-eat food, frozen food and drinks with you so that you can have those right after moving in.

Talk to your Kids:

  1. Talk to your kids about your relocation plan as you need their co-operation too.
  2. Fill them with some positive thoughts about making new friends, nearby parks or playground to play. If your new house is close to your office you can tell them that you can come early to spend more time with them. 🙂
  3. Involve them in packing their stuff if they are mature enough.
  4. Surprise them with new comforters or wall decors of their favorite starts/movies/stuffs.


  1. Clean out your medicine cabinet. Though, we don’t take medicines often, I had a few common pain killers, ointments & cough syrup. Unknowingly, I had been carrying those expired medicines all these days.
  2. If you decide to buy new furniture or any household supplies for your new house, make sure to sell or donate the old one so that new home will be more organized.
  3. Make sure you wrap your glasswares safe and label the moving box with “Handle with Care” label to avoid mishap in lifting or arranging.
  4. When you stack up the non-stick pan in a moving box make sure to cover the surface with tissue paper or plastic cover to avoid scratches in the pan.
  5. We all have loads of fancy stuffs in kitchen which we won’t be using daily. Clean, dry & pack them safe well in advance.
  6. Never stop cleaning your current house after you have decided to move out. With all the other things in hand, you don’t want to add cleaning on top as it’s harder than it sounds.
  7. If you are hiring people from agencies like ‘Packers and movers’, get their numbers in advance and verify their ID cards. You can get a few moving tips from them a couple of days earlier and act accordingly.


  1. Make sure to take a picture of the connecting wires before dismantling any electronics.
  2. Keep the respective screws in a ziplock attached to the furniture using a tape so that you won’t loose it.
  3. Clean and pack well in advance the electronics you won’t need often like extra portable fans, portable lights or hand vacuum cleaner.


  1. Check the weather for your move-in date in prior so that you can take some necessary precautions for rain or snow.
  2. Wrap your furniture with stretch wrap or clean blankets. I used the plastic sofa cover (store bought) which kept the sofa dry from rain but it made the couch very slippery while lifting.
  3. Talk to your movers about bug care and if you are renting a vehicle you can fumigate or use bug spray with necessary precaution.
  4. You can also use a shower curtain lining or a plastic wrap for covering the floor of your moving vehicle to prevent bugs & scratches.
  5. If needed, get extra help from your friends. Make sure to inform them and check their availability in advance.


  1. Make sure to place the packages in the respective areas it will be easy to unpack and rearrange things in the corresponding rooms.
  2. I highly recommend to wash the utensils immediately after unpacking. That makes cooking easier and hygienic.
  3. Recycle,Give away, re-sale or store the moving boxes after emptying.
  4. Once you are done unpacking, make sure to vacuum your carpets & clean your floors with disinfectant as we also bring dust & dirt along with our packages.
  5. Update your address in all the documents so that you won’t be left out in communications.
  6. Inform your new address to your emergency contacts & family members or simply throw a house warming party.

Finally, you got settled (until your next move ;-)). Now, sit back & enjoy your favorite drink. Hope, our list of moving tips helped you a bit. 🙂 Please share them with your friends.

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