MindMingle Inspiration Festival – Creative Conversations on the future of Schools

MindMingle Inspiration Festival – Creative Conversations on the future of Schools

Each child is unique and has an unique way of understanding things. Who can do a better job in inspiring young minds other than their schools and teachers? There is a constant change in our education system with our developing society that started from the practice of Simple Living and High thinking in “Gurukulam” to our current modern education system of having individual laptop sessions in Kindergarten.

With the emergence of new education system, I guess we somewhere lost the point that education is a process of learning to acquire knowledge and not about getting scores beating up others. It’s high time we focused on revolutionizing the future education system that molds our younger generation minds to grow better.

GoEventz - MindMingle Inspiration Festival: Creative Conversations on the future of Schools - HomeMakingDelight

MindMingle Inspiration Festival: Creative Conversations on the future of Schools – HomeMakingDelight

My mom used to tell stories about her school days. In one of those stories, I got to know that she was an active participant in most of her school activities from drama, dance to excursion whichever she was interested. She still remembered the fun she had and those days did sound beautiful. They went to school just to learn things and acquire wisdom. Never was the pressure on their heads to score more and get into top colleges. When, I look back at my school life, I don’t remember doing any such things other than studying books for just passing the class with good grades. I was good at volley ball, glass painting, etc but I was forced to cut my volley ball practice to focus on my exams. That’s how the trend was. Both teachers and parents would appreciate, if we memorize stuffs and get good marks in the exams. No one cared whether everything was really UNDERSTOOD or kids’ creativity was enhanced or whether students really learnt to apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Nowadays, it looks like the cycle has once again changed and we started pushing the children not only on studies but also to join all the classes to compete in the fast moving world. But the point is, are we even bothered to ask a child what he/she is really interested in before putting them into all those classes that claim to enhance the kids’ ‘thought process‘? A couple of years back, I happen to read a parenting blog of my friend’s. She has described funnily the events that happened when she started looking for a pre-school for her kid. All the pre-schools she had visited seem to be focusing on developing the kids’ English speaking proficiency and boasted that as their ‘goal’ and that’s how they enhance the kids’ knowledge and creativity. Uffff!!! Our current education system sure needs a change!

We may bring in modern ideas and innovations that may actually help children acquire knowledge in fun ways that also kindles their creativity. Albeit true, I strongly believe that only teachers can actually bring out the real talents of children. Teachers must also be well educated on how to engage kids in learning. Without that, I see that any modern education system to be a total waste.

Are you involved in transforming the lives of the young children as a school owner, principal or teacher or head master/mistress? If yes, you have an awesome event to enrich your knowledge on teaching. Go on and read more..


Little more on the MindMingling event:

What we need now is a transforming education system in India from ground-up and to expose school leaders to the ideas of pioneers in education, their insights and inspiration. Ed-Talks is conducting such an event “The Mind Mingle Inspiring Festival” on 19th November 2016 at IIM Ahmedabad. You will be amazed by the words of the fascinating guest educators and you can find out what’s new in the education system. Six amazing Guest speakers are gathered together for this event to inspire, motivate and empower participants with the practical ideas of improving quality education with minimum resources. This two days event will transform you to think beyond your comfort zone.

Come here to rejuvenate your mind with inspiring music, amazing guest speakers, unusual stories and organic street foods.

For more details and to buy tickets, please Click here.

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