Vellam Seedai – Inippu Cheedai – Jaggery Seedai Recipe

Vellam Seedai – Inippu Cheedai – Jaggery Seedai Recipe

Vellam Seedai / Jaggery Seedai / Sweet Seedai is a common Indian festival snack prepared by making small, coconut flavored balls out of rice flour with jaggery syrup & then deep frying them in ghee. It is one of the special dishes prepared especially for Krishna Jayanthi in South India.

Jaggery Seedai from Homemaking Delight

Vellam Seedai – Inippu Cheedai – Jaggery Seedai from Homemaking Delight

When I was planning my dishes for this year’s Gokulashtami, I received a call from my sister blabbering all about her Sweet Seedai that came out very well. I got curious with her easy recipe and thought of giving it a shot. It’s a good thing that she was ahead in time & celebrated earlier and I got all her tips & tricks to ease the process ;-).

Vella seedai is very easy to prepare with simple ingredients. I was surprised with the outcome of soft,mildly crispier, ghee & coconut flavored balls and it surely made to the top of my special dishes for this year’s Krishna Janmashtami. I was not able to get photos of my smooth vella cheedai I prepared without any cracks so I am posting the ones with cracks taken earlier 😀 Next time, I promise to replace the smooth photos 😀

Over to “Vellam Seedai – Jaggery Seedai Recipe” from Homemaking Delight with step by step photos…

Vellam Seedai – Inippu Cheedai – Jaggery Seedai Recipe

Makes 50 to 60 Sweet Balls


Rice Flour – 1 cup

Coconut – 1/2 cup

Jaggery – 1/2 cup + 3 tblsp

Ghee – 1 cup or as required for deep frying

Preparation Method:

  1. Dry roast rice flour in a pan with constant stirring until the steam gently pass through in the air. Let it cool. Please take care not to burn it.Vella seedai-HMD12. Dry roast the coconut in the same pan until it’s golden brown.Vella seedai-HMD23. Boil Jaggery with water until it dissolves and filter the syrup to remove impurities. Then, gently heat the syrup warm enough to make the dough. No need to look for string-consistency as we tell in our other jaggery based recipes.Vella seedai-HMD34. Mix roasted rice flour & coconut in a bowl and add the warm syrup slowly to the mixture to make the dough. Keep the dough covered with wet clean cloth for about 30 minutes.Vella seedai-HMD45. Grease your palm with ghee, gently knead the dough and make small, equal sized balls (50-60) with your greased fingers.Vella seedai-HMD56. Heat ghee in a kadai or pan in a medium low flame. Once it’s hot enough, drop the balls gently on ghee and fry them on both sides by constantly turning them to both sides in hot ghee.Vella seedai-HMD67. Remove it from ghee when the seedai turns golden brown & dry them on a paper towel.Vella seedai-HMD78. Repeat the same with the rest of the balls, let them cool and enjoy your soft sweet ghee flavored Vellam Seedai. 🙂Vella seedai-HMD8Click the link to check out our Uppu Seedai recipe.


  1. Make sure that the ghee is heated to right temperature for making cheedai. Test the ghee with small portion of dough, it should pull up & float on the surface with bubbles immediately and the ghee or oil should not be fuming.
  2. Deep fry the balls in batches depends on the size of your kadai so that the vellam seedai will get cooked evenly.
  3. You can replace ghee with oil for deep frying.
  4. Powdered cardamom (1/4 tsp) can be added to the dough for more flavor.
  5. The softness of the balls depends on the Jaggery syrup. If it’s reached string-like consistency, the balls might become hard. It must be just hot enough to make the dough to get a chewy and crispy Vellam seedai.

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