DiY – Homemade Rose Water – Top Benefits for Skin and Hair

DiY – Homemade Rose Water – Top Benefits for Skin and Hair

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Rose Water – A flavored aromatic water made by boiling rose petals in water until the petals’ flavor and essence are extracted into the water. We can easily prepare our rose water at home and this natural rose water is loaded with several benefits for our skin and hair.

Rose water is called as ‘Panneer‘ in Tamil and is used widely in Tamil Nadu for poojas (Prayers). It’s special and considered as pure and poured on deities on special occasions. Apart from that, it is loaded with numerous goodness for skin ranging from curing sunburns to improving the skin tone. In this post, you can find out how to prepare rose water at home and how to use that ‘Panneer‘  in your skin and hair regimen.

DiY - Home-Made Rose Water - Top Benefits for skin and hair - HomeMakingDelight

DiY – Home-Made Rose Water – Top Benefits for skin and hair – HomeMakingDelight..

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Homemade Rose Water – DiY


  1. Organic edible Roses – 7/8
  2. Distilled water – 2 cups

Preparation Method:

  1. Extract the petals from the flowers and wash them well in cold water.
  2. Heat distilled water in a bowl until it simmers.
  3. Place the petals in a bowl and pour the simmered water on it.
  4. Let it steep overnight. Strain and pour your fresh homemade rose water in a glass bottle.


  1. Ensure that the petals are just immersed in the water. If you pour more water, then our rose water might become very diluted.
  2. Refrigerate the rose water and use.
  3. Use clean/sterilized glass bottles to store the rose water for longer shelf life.
  4. Please use organic roses as they are free from chemicals. Also, the edible ones in pink color should be used, NOT the ‘bouquet’ ones. 🙂

Top Benefits of Rose Water for skin:

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  1. Rose water is a natural toner. After cleansing your face, you can use your rose water as toner instead of chemical toners.
  2. Rose water is well known for curing sun burns. Apply rose water on the affected areas repeatedly once in an hour to see immediate effects.
  3. Rose water can cure heat boils. Mix rose water and sandalwood and make a paste. Apply it on your heat boils everyday to see the difference.
  4. If you are stepping out in the scorching sun, dip a small cotton ball in rose water and apply it on your face well. Don’t wipe it. Let it get dried by itself and then apply your sunscreen 20 minutes before you step out of the house. This would prevent your skin from getting tanned and you could stay a bit cool and fresh for a longer time than usual.
  5. If you are getting home in hot afternoons, just wash your face with cold water and then apply rose water on your face to minimize your sun tan/burns.
  6. Rose water can totally refresh your tired eyes. After a long day, just dip a cotton ball in rose water and place them on your eyelids.
  7. Before going to bed, wash your face well with cold water and apply rose water to your face and let it dry by itself. By doing this regularly,  you skin tone would improve.
  8. Pour rose water into freezer trays to make rose water cubes. Rub this cubes on your face and neck to refresh your skin and cure sun burns.
  9. Whatever face pack you are using, mix it with rose water instead of normal water to add up your face pack’s benefits. Do try out our Natural Mask – homemade orange peel powder for curing blemishes and increasing skin tone. I have tried rose water with cucumber pack, orange pack, multani mitti, saffron pack etc and the results were amazing.

Goodness of Rose Water for Hair:

  1. If you have damaged hair, adding a few drops of rose water to your oil (Coconut/ Almond/Olive oil) and massaging can help.
  2. After washing your hair, use a cup of rose water and rinse finally. Don’t use water again to rinse out. This would condition your hair well. So, you can replace your chemical conditioner with this natural one. 🙂
  3. If your hair is dull, then rinsing it with rose water after shampooing can add shine to it. You can also mix rose water to your final cup of bathing water to give your hair a nice scent.
DiY - Home-Made Rose Water - Top Benefits for skin and hair - HomeMakingDelight

DiY – Home-Made Rose Water – Top Benefits for skin and hair – HomeMakingDelight

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