Karpooravalli leaves Home Remedies for cold – Omavalli / Ajwain leaves

Karpooravalli leaves Home Remedies for cold – Omavalli / Ajwain leaves

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Ajwain leaves known as Karpooravalli leaves or Omavalli ilai in tamil is a herb well-known for its medicinal benefits for treating common cold, cough and throat infection for both adults and kids. It’s also called mexican mint and the botanical name is Coleus aromaticus. In this post, we will see how karpooravalli leaves can be used in home remedies for treating cold, cough, throat pain and a few minor skin problems.

The ajwain leaf is so minty as the name ‘mexican mint‘ suggests, but with a strong flavor and a mild pungent taste. It’s similar to tulsi leaves (holy basil) in aroma. It’s also called as Indian Borage or Indian mint in several parts of the world.

Karpooravalli leaves - Home Remedies - Omavalli Ajwain leaf - HomeMakingDelight

Karpooravalli leaves – Home Remedies – Omavalli Ajwain leaf – HomeMakingDelight

Karpooravalli leaves are edible and the ajwain plants can be grown easily in pots. It grows easily when a stem piece is planted in a pot with good soil. It doesn’t require keen care also. Just watering is sufficient with mild sunlight.

These mexican leaves are also called as “Vamu aaku” in Telugu, “Sambharballi” or “Doddapatre” or “Chambrani”  in kannada, “Ajwain” or “Patharchur” in hindi, “Panikurka” in Malayalam and “Karpuravalli” or “Omavalli” or “Oma elai” in Tamil.

It’s still winter and people are suffering from cold, throat infection and flu quite often. Kids are also easily prone to such common cold during winter season. Here are some natural remedies using karpuravalli leaves that could help kids to recover from cold easily without any side effects. If you are looking for home remedies to treat cold especially for kids, do check out our natural turmeric milk recipe.

It was raining heavily last week here and I got severe cold, cough and throat infection. Luckily we have a ajwain plant in our home and my mom made me eat its leaves and the results were quick and effective. My sore throat was fine within a couple hours. It’s advised that we can eat 1 or 2 raw leaves every day as a precautionary measure to prevent cold, cough and to avail all its medicinal benefits.

Medicinal benefits of Karpooravalli / Omavalli / Ajwain leaves/ Oma ilai:

  1. Consuming the raw leaves of karpooravalli can cure common cold, cough and throat infection. Wash the leaves well and eat those raw by chewing well. It would be a bit strong but manageable. Adults can do this.
  2. Omavalli pathu – Karpooravalli patru for nasal/chest congestion – Warm this Mexican mint leaves slightly in direct heat and place them on the chest to get relief from cold congestion. It’s also effective in cases of mild asthma or wheezing to some extent. This is suitable for both kids and adults.
  3. These Omavalli leaves can cure indigestion problems.
  4. For insect bites and swelling, the karpuravalli leaves can be ground with little water to a thick paste. This paste can be applied on minor allergies and insect bites. However, consulting a physician is advised.

Omavalli Kashayam / Karpooravalli kasayam for kids:

It would be difficult for the kids to eat the raw karpuravali leaves. We can prepare Ajwain medicinal kashayam by boiling the ajwain leaves (Oma ilai), beetel leaves (Vetrilai),tulsi leaves (Holy basil). After extracting the juice from all the 3 leaves, we can add palm sugar (Panangalkandu) to this omavalli medicine and give to kids. Adults can also drink this to get relief from cold, cough, sore throat and congestion.

We can also prepare omavalli bajji, omavalli rasam and omavalli thuvayal from the leaves. I would try to add a separate post for those.

Karpooravalli leaves - Home Remedies - Omavalli Ajwain leaf - HomeMakingDelight

Karpooravalli leaves – Home Remedies – Omavalli Ajwain leaf – HomeMakingDelight

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