Leading with Creativity – A one Day Conference of Unconventional Minds

Leading with Creativity – A one Day Conference of Unconventional Minds

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Have you ever wondered whether you use the right or left hemisphere of the brain to process the information and to make it function as a human? Right & Left Hemispheres??!?? ‘Medulla Oblongata‘ ? Yeah, sure! We, Tamilians would all be well aware of ‘Medulla Oblongata‘ by now, especially after ‘Nadula Konjam Pakatha Kanum‘ movie!! 😀 Well, it’s equally good in using left or right side of the brain, as they both just process the same information but in different ways. But, we must know what is our natural preference so that we can then find ways to improvise the subordinate part for asymmetric function. 😐

Leading with Creativity - A one Day Conference of Unconventional Minds - Homemaking Delight

Leading with Creativity – A one Day Conference of Unconventional Minds – Homemaking Delight

The left & right sides of our brain process the information in different ways. We all know that the right side is responsible for creativity and the left side is for analytical methods. The right brain focuses on visual and process the information in intuitive way, looking first at the whole picture and then the details. And, the left brain focuses on verbal and process the information in analytical way, looking first at the details then putting it together to form the whole picture. The non-verbal thinkers are often recognized as more creative and the analytic users are intellectuals in Mathematics. 😐

Human Brain is full of mystery and for some reason the right hemisphere controls the left side actions of the body and vice-versa. The right side of the brain is known as analog brain as it controls creativity & artistic sense and the left brain is digital brain that takes control of reading, writing, calculation & logical thinking.

The creative part may be dominant in kids and it comes out well while crafting & painting before they go to school. But our educational system values only the verbal hemisphere that influence on mathematics & languages than arts that drive our imagination. By the time we are adults, we lose most of our creativity and become a memorizing machine. 🙁 We do need to train our analog brain to achieve our goals. The most important factor that is currently needed in this increasingly complex world is creativity.

Most of us could use some more ‘creativity‘. 🙂 If you are planning for a start-up but confused with what to do, then you would want to use this conference to get your creative animal out. If you are a freelance writer, small and medium business owner, trainer, kindergarten teacher, marketing and sales professional, then you are right on track. We would highly recommend this conference for you.

Leading with Creativity:

Centre for Creative Learning is a training and coaching institute that transforms individuals through content rich coaching, advanced training and well established events. They have organized an one-day conference at Raintree Hotel, Chennai by bringing together practitioners of creativity from various fields of arts and business. People of all fields including HR professionals, Business owners, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Trainers & Marketing professionals can be benefited from this.

You will get the opportunity to meet great unconventional minds and more than 150 delegates who will help you in achieving your creative learning goals.  A free Psychometric Analysis will also be provided. Tea, lunch & snacks will be served.

Mark your calendars to make yourselves available on February 1, 2017 from 9am – 6pm. Click the link for further information and to Register.

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