Legends Marathon by Lets Feed Chennai

Legends Marathon by Lets Feed Chennai

Hi there fellas,

With the start of this ‘New year 2017’, we all would have taken resolutions as a general custom. I bet the most taken resolution across the world would be to ‘take up a new physical activity’ or ‘strictly following the one that was taken for the past year’. 😀 Most fitness freaks would choose one of the activities like yoga, zumba, running, walking, cycling, swimming and not to forget ‘hitting the gym’. My personal favorites are yoga, swimming (For the record, I don’t swim. I just favored it :D) and cycling (Recently favorite-d). I should add the ‘exercise‘ that I do by watching you tube as well, I guess.

If you have been following our posts, you would have read the one where I bragged about getting ready for the ‘cyclo-thon’ event conducted in my office. I promised I would do a post after completing that one. So, here I am to complete the left-over bragging. 😀 That Cyclothon event turned out to be more fun and inspiring than I expected it to be. And, of course, it helped me shed a few kgs  and tone well my leg muscles. 🙂

Legends Marathon by Let's Feed Chennai - Homemaking Delight

Legends Marathon by Let’s Feed Chennai – Homemaking Delight

I started preparing for that a month before my event and I even borrowed a bicycle from my uncle to practise for the event. The target for 40kms and I started by doing 7km on day 1 and then added a couple of kms after every 3-4 days. Finally, I had practised for 25kms at home and thought I would manage the rest at the event itself. I practised using a non-geared cycle and I got a geared one for the event which made my task a lot easier. 🙂 To add to that, the weather was awesome, or I would have lost all my stamina due to scorching sun. Cycling with a bunch of buddies alongside was total fun. We cheered and waved all the way and at the pit-stops. Guys were so fast and the girls were all left behind, but we did not quit. My target was just to complete the cyclo-thon on time and I finished that (panting heavily). 🙂 I even got third place among the girls. 😀

Now that I have boasted enough of my completing the cyclothon, let’s get back to our post here. From my experience, if you are looking for an activity to stay fit or lose weight, you may have to consider a few points.

  1. Pick up an activity that you truly like. If you are not a big fan of going to gym, then don’t go just for the sake of going. Instead, pick up a sport like tennis/badminton or an activity like swimming, jogging, cycling, yoga or zumba.
  2. Get a few friends to join you. Make the activity fun. Make sure you pick the right ones. If you are lazy and you pick lazy ones, then you are so done 😀
  3. Set a goal and work towards achieving it. Start with smaller goals and then increase the intensity.
  4. Be dedicated to what you have decided to do.
  5. If you are very sincere, you can get a trainer too.
  6. If possible, join the group activities like Marathon, Cyclothon, Trilothon that will surely motivate you to keep your resolution on track. You could support a good cause too.
  7. There are several apps that would track your progress. I used ‘Map my walk’ app. Google Fit was not working on my phone due to some reason. 🙁
  8. Loads of fitness watches are available in the market. I too have my eyes on FitBit. 🙂 Get one that is suitable for you. Check out a detailed review of fitness watches with price comparison here. 🙂

We all know that “Exercise” is medicine and in particular, “Running” daily for about 30 minutes can increase your life span for about 3 years. Morning is the best time for walking/jogging/running. (I am not an early bird, though. Trying hard to be one 🙁)With the increase in flow of oxygen, you would feel energized for the whole day. No matter in what mood we wake up, a good morning-run will boost our spirits and helps us stay positive. Running also helps to reduce high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and treats anxiety.

If you are a “walk person” or a “run person”, you should definitely consider participating in Marathons. Let me just introduce you to an upcoming marathon in Chennai.

Legends Marathon Event:

Are you ready to meet people as same as your energy and get inspired to go for 10km run???  Let’s Feed Chennai is planning to organize a Legend Marathon” at Marina Beach, Chennai on February 5th, 2017 starting at 6 am from Light House. What else could make a Sunday better for a fitness freak than a marathon at sunrise? 🙂 Come on, Gear up!! 

Water & Electrolyte drinks will be provided in between the run. Doctors & Paramedical staff will be stationed at the venue. We hope you are trained well enough and you don’t need for that. Medals and breakfast will be provided for the participants. To know more about registration, parking and other facilities refer the link below.

Looking for a kick start to stay with your new resolution about running for a marathon? Click the link to register.

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