Metallic Letter DiY – Wall Decor – Simple Hand-Made Home Decorations

Metallic Letter – Wall Decor – Simple DiY

DiY – Metallic Letter – This is an easy & cheap wall decoration made at home in which a desired letter made out of styrofoam is covered with aluminum foil and thenrubbed on & off with paint to give it a smooth metallic finish. You can easily make your wall look stunning just with the things lying in your home about to be thrown away. 🙂

Metallic Letter DiY - Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

Metallic Letter DiY – Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

When we got some furniture for our home, we ended up with loads of styrofoam. Instead of throwing it all away, I thought of reusing by making some simple wall decorations out of it and got the idea of this simple wall decoration – Metallic letter – ‘D’ to mark my territory at home. 😀

I wanted to do something special for my kitchen using the styrofoam. With the cabinets covering the wall on both sides, the space above the stove top felt so lonely. So, I decided to hang out my cute little hand-made wall decor there. It is really simple and easy to make with the things you have in hand. Just cut the letter from the styrofoam in your preferred size, then cover it with foil and then rub it on & off with polish. How hard could that be, huh? Try it out & decorate your kitchen or kid’s room using your hand-made wall decor to give it a nice personal touch. I bet it would catch the eyes of your guests too. 😀

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Metallic Letter DiY – Wall Decor – Simple Hand-Made Home Decorations

Materials Needed:

Smoothfoam or Thermocol Sheet

Knife or Sharp Blade

Glue Gun

Aluminium Foil

Shoe Polish or Black Paint

Flower Embellishments

Preparation Method:

  1. Mark the layout of your preferred letter in the Thermocol sheet and cut out the marked portion carefully with a sharp blade.metallic-letter-diy-hmd12. Cut the aluminium foil into medium sized pieces. Cover the thermocol letter with the foil pieces using glue gun and press it gently. Let it dry for an hour.metallic-letter-diy-hmd23. Just rub on some shoe polish or black paint to the foil and then rub it off again to get a smooth metallic look. metallic-letter-diy-hmd34. Finally add the additional embellishments (Flowers, Stickers or Ornaments or cute little Toys) that define the letter or the person more.metallic-letter-diy-hmd45. Hang it out and your work here is done!!! Your wall is now decorated with your hand-made cute decoration. 🙂

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  1. Do not apply hot glue directly on thermocol as it might melt. Instead, apply it on the foil & press it gently to the foam.
  2. You can rub off the polish or paint in the foil with a paper towel or cotton.
  3. Be careful while handling hot glue gun & knife.

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