Nivea Body Lotion – Product Review

Nivea Body Lotion Review – Product Review

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It’s winter… Though it brings a rosy glow in nose tips & cheeks, it also makes the skin dry & itchy. To make it worse, skin might get cracked, if it is not moisturized  properly. In addition to that, indoor heat system also dries out the moisture in air. Our skin needs extra moisture to counteract these effects. Applying a suitable moisturizer on your damp skin could prevent it from drying.

Now, Let’s review Nivea – Smooth Sensation Body Lotion for Homemaking Delight Viewers…

Nivea Body Lotion Review from Homemaking Delight

Nivea Body Lotion Review from Homemaking Delight

Product Name – Nivea -Smooth Sensation Body Lotion

Produced By –  Beiersdorf

Product Description:

  1. Smoothes & Revitalizes dry skin

  2. Provides smooth, touchably soft skin

  3. Lightweight lotion that supplies deep & long lasting moisture to the skin

What I Like:

  1. Mild & Smooth. Not harsh on the skin

  2. Provides long lasting moisture

  3. Easy to use container with lock

  4. Spreads evenly on skin without leaving any residue


  1. Makes palm oily after applying

Click the link to view & buy Nivea Body Lotion from Amazon NIVEA Smooth Sensation Body Lotion, Shea Butter & Hydra IQ for Dry Skin 16.9 Ounce

How would I rate:

I would give 4/5 for this one based on quality and 3.5/5 for cost.

Recommendation – Would I buy this product again?


This is NOT a sponsored post and we are NOT paid for this. This is just based on our own experience which we thought could help our viewers in buying this product.

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