Palkova Recipe – Doodh Peda Recipe – Indian Milk Sweet

Palkova Recipe – Doodh Peda Recipe – Indian Milk Sweet Recipe

Palkova or Milk Peda is a famous Indian milk sweet prepared by boiling full fat milk in a heavy bottomed pan until it is reduced to milk solids to form khoya. Sugar & cardamom are then added to enhance the taste & flavor. It’s also called Paal Kova, sweetened milk khoya or doodh peda in India.

India is well-known for its variety of sweets and milk sweets just top the list. During my college days, I used to bring milk sweets to my hostel from a North Indian sweet shop ‘Dhungar Sweets‘ in my native. They had a variety of rich and tasty milk sweets and all my friends were big fans of Dhungar’s milk sweets and Kaju Kadli (Cashew cake). My sweet box would be gone the moment it was opened. 🙂 Yummmm!!!!  I am not gonna brag that this palkova recipe would get you the pedas just as Dungar’s, but I could promise that this would be so delicious in a different way. 🙂 How the Dungars get THAT richness into their milk sweets is still a mystery to me!! Sigh! 😐

Paalkova Recipe - Milk Peda recipe from Homemaking Delight

Palkova Recipe – Milk Peda recipe from Homemaking Delight

Milk Peda can also be prepared in microwave using condensed milk or milk powder in a jiffy. However, we have given here the recipe of authentic paalkova that is just prepared with rich cream milk & sugar. Though, it takes long time to get the khoa from milk, the procedure for making it so straight-forward. It involves no consistency checks, no soaking/grinding tasks and no complex ingredients. 🙂 I bet you could just storm into your kitchen and start preparing this palkova right away. 🙂

The khoa or kova that we prepare for this palkova is used as a base in several other recipes for Indian sweets. Few milk sweets would have this crumbled khoa stuffed inside and few others are prepared with mixing unsweetened khova with other ingredients. Both sweetened & unsweetened khoa are now available in super markets.

Dooth Peda was the only sweet I could prepare in my earlier days of marriage, as its ingredients were handy and the process is just simple and fail-proof. I used to prepare paal kova very often those days – for birthdays, poojas, brother/sister visiting, promotions and for what not. I had been finding occasions to prepare this milk halwa until everyone was so sick of it and begged to stop preparing it all the time. 😀 Years after that, last week I realized like it’s been a while since I prepared any milk sweets at home. So, I dusted my memory for this Milk Khoa recipe for my husband’s office party. It nearly took me 3 hours to complete. I know! I know! Don’t panic! That is quite a long process. But, be patient until you taste the divine chewy texture of milk khoya. You will realize it’s totally worth the patience. Ready to test your patience???

Over to  “Palkova – Milk Peda Recipe with Milk from Home-Making-Delight with step by step photos..

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Makes 25-30 Pieces


Whole Milk – 16 cups (4 litres)

Sugar – 2 cups

Cardamom / Elaichi Powder – 1/4 tsp

Ghee – 1/8 cup (To grease)

Almonds for garnishing

Preparation Method:

  1. Grease a heavy bottomed pan or non-stick pan with ghee and boil the milk on a medium flame for about 1 hr. Milk will be reduced in half and start turning yellow in color.2. Stir often and scrape the sides of the pan and mix well. Continue to boil the milk for another 45 minutes until it turns yellow and started forming milk solids – khoya or kova.3. Add Sugar to the reduced milk and continue boiling in low medium flame with constant stirring.4. After 45-55 minutes of boiling, the milk will start to thicken further. Now, reduce the flame to low and add cardamom powder.5. Stir the khoa continuously for about 20-30 minutes until it forms a solid mass and it’s hard for you to stir the khova anymore. 🙂 Let it cool.7. You can have your yummy palkova as such or you can grease your palm & fingers with ghee and mold the sweetened khoya into round shaped pedas.8. Garnish with nuts and you can relish your homemade palkova. 🙂 We would be happy to receive your comments here on this recipe. :)  That would really mean a lot to us.

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  1. To save time, initially, I boiled the milk in two wide pans and then mixed the reduced milk together before adding sugar.
  2. Keep an eye on milk and stir it constantly. Once it’s solidified, it can easily get burnt and stuck to the bottom.
  3. Also, scrape the sides & bottom of the pan frequently while cooking.
  4. Using wide non-stick pan & wider spatula makes the job little easier.
  5. We have used sugar in this recipe. Jaggery can also be used, if you are planning to prepare just like srivilliputhur palkova. 😉

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