Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa – Vacation Spot

Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa

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When is the last vacation you took from your busy routine? How often do you take vacations? Once a quarter would be great!! But, at least once a  year we should take vacations to keep our mind and body refreshed and get them ready for the upcoming hassle. 😀

“When all else fails, take a vacation” – Someone

Last year was taking a toll on my energy level. There was too much of work. Work load was beyond possibility for me. We were toiling for months to accomplish the assignment. One good thing I did was to plan for my vacation immediately after the end of the assignment. I took a 3 week vacation and visited far away places. Oh boy! That was so refreshing. Now, I am back with my energy battery totally recharged after an exciting vacation. I am like ‘hey 2017, Give me more!! (But, please don’t give me more) 😀 May be, I would write another post on where I went and how cool that was in another post. 😐

Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa - Homemaking Delight

Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa – Homemaking Delight

As I have been telling, if you are working hard, you truly deserve a vacation to re-energize your mind. A vacation works for people who don’t work HARD as well. 🙂 It’s not that your vacation must be to go to a far away land and to spend a lot in cabins/hotels. Anywhere away from your home & office should do. First thing, pick a place of your choice. If you like greens, just pick a place where there is a lot of scenery. If you are a fun-loving person, plan for something fun with friends or family. Or, if you are a lone-wolf, then just get your backpack and head on to explore a few cities or hill stations by yourself. (I have always wanted to know how fun it would be to go on a trip by myself 😐). Second, decide how you would like to travel. Few prefer air travel and a few enjoy the scenery as the train passes by. And, there is a big group of people who would ride a bike or car by themselves. That would be a lot fun. 🙂 Choose a mode of transport that you prefer and reachable to our dream land.

Speaking of mode of travel, I am totally a train girl. Lately, I have been enjoying bike trips also, but still, trains are the best to me. If you are a bike-person, I would love to introduce you to an upcoming event in Mandawa, Rajasthan –Taalbelia Festival. Taalbelia Festival is a good place to start your winter vacation, especially if you are a bike-guy and a fun-lover.

In the heart of Shekhawati Rajasthan, lies the beautiful town Mandawa, known for its forts and havelis. Taalbelia is a boutique festival with food, music and the dunes under the starry skies. It’s a four day long festival from January 26 -29. With 3 stages & more than 30 artists, the music will flow throughout the day. You can witness genres of music change with the direction of the sun. You can also explore the royal stables & go for horse riding, potter around the potter’s wheel or something more adventurous like sand surfing and dirt biking. Finally, how could a festival be well-entertained without great food? You will be delighted with the unique cuisine and authentic delicacies of Shekhawati along the traditional flavors. Oh, my! This sounds awesome and I would love to go to this one 😐 I just got back from a vacation, my manager would sure kill me. 😐

Here comes the best part! What else could make this fun-filled fiesta more memorable other than riding there in a bike? Eagle rider is offering you motorcycles for rent to get away for the Taabelia festival weekend. You can ride bikes all the way up from Eagle rider showroom in Gurgaon to Mandawa (around 240kms) and back. Riding to far away places in motorcycle is a passion for most people. My cousin, a motorcyclist used to call it a kind of freedom when he rides his bike in high speeds. I never understood that, by the way. 😀 Riding through the open roads escaping through mountains & canyons would truly be a remarkable experience. It’s time to put on your helmet & riding jacket back to explore a new fun-filled adventure!! Go on, read more and book your tickets before they run out of it! 🙂

Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa - Homemaking Delight

Ride to Taalbelia Festival, Mandawa – Homemaking Delight

Ride to Taalbelia Festival

Eagle Rider rents motorbikes to ride away for the 4 day round the clock residential music festival in Mandawa, Rajasthan. You can start your journey on day 1 (January 26, 2017) from Eagle rider showroom, Gurgaon & reach Mandawa in evening for bonfire. Day 2 & 3 you can explore the castle, relax and enjoy the music, indulge in unique cuisines with traditional flavors or engage yourself in adventurous activities. After a 3 long memorable days, on day 4 you can leisurely ride back to the showroom.

Eagle Rider offers 3 packages with different options for your convenience including your stay for 3 nights in Castle Mandawa/Desert resort, festival tickets, food and the model of your ride. For more information about the package details refer the link below.

You have just got 5 days & few hours left to get ready for this exciting trip. Click the link to Register.

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