Tissue Paper Flower – DiY – Hand-Made Wall Decor for parties

Tissue Paper Flower – DiY – Hand-Made Wall Decor for parties

Tissue Paper Flower is an easy and inexpensive handmade craft work that can be put to use in many ways. They can be customized as your wish to make a thoughtful hand made gift, wall decor or even a party decor as a hanging or a centerpiece. They are cute, lovely and adds a personal touch, be it a gift or a party decorations.

Tissue Paper Flower - DiY Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

Tissue Paper Flower – DiY Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

We were planning for a party at our friend’s home last week. I checked out a few party decors in stores and they seemed pretty expensive. 😐 I had some spare time, so I was looking for some ideas in Pinterest to make up something on my own. Tissue paper pom poms caught my eye as it was easy to make without costing my purse dearly. Yay!!! That’s how I landed on this idea of making these cute tissue paper flowers for our party wall decors. I used pretty much the same method with a little twist here and there to make pretty flowers instead of pom poms. They were so beautiful and made the wall pretty colorful after I made a bunch of them. To my surprise, it got the attention of all my friends at the party and it was hard to make them believe that it was all hand made. So do try these easy party wall decor and surprise your guests with your handmade craft work. Your guests will never know that you only spent peanuts for your party decorations  😉

Over to “Tissue Paper Flower – DiY Wall Decor with step by step pictures from Home-making Delight..

Materials Needed (To Make 1 Large Tissue paper flower)

Tissue Papers – 10 Sheets (10×20 cm)


Woolen Thread

Cellophane tape or double sided tape to stick on wall

Preparation Method:

  1. Arrange 10 sheets of tissue paper one above other as layers according to your color preference.2. Fold the sheets altogether for about 2 cms, flip over the sheets & fold again for 2 cms again flip over & fold. Repeat the pattern till the end (like we fold for a paper fan).3. Secure the pattern by tying a knot in the middle tightly with a woolen thread or a ribbon.4. Try expanding the folded sheets on both sides trying to open up and form a circle as shown in the pic.5. Take one sheet of the tissue paper on both sides and start pulling them away slowly from the rest and towards the center.6. Then, continue pulling rest of the layers one by one forming a flower. Make sure to pull apart the tissue papers carefully for they tend to tear easily.7. You can pull all the layers forming a dense flower or you can leave the last 2 0r 3 layers as they are, thus forming a strong base.8. Your cute little tissue paper flowers are now ready to decorate your party hall.

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  1. Once you secure the tissue papers with a ribbon you can trim the edges of papers in different pattern for your tissue paper flower to give it a different look.
  2. If you have any specific color in mind, make sure to keep that color tissue paper on top & pull that apart first so that you will get that one in center.
  3. To make the folded paper look stiff, I just ironed the tissue paper at low setting. Be careful with it.
  4. You can make different sizes flowers with different measurements (3×6, 5×10 or 10×20) but ensure your paper is rectangle. I tried with square & it didn’t end up very well. 🙂

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