Book Review – ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’ by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq

Book Review – ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’ by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq

She: Ekla Cholo Re‘ is a fictional book (more like a novella) written by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq. The book boldly talks about the plight of the transgender protagonist for which the author must be well-appreciated.



  • Book: She: Ekla Cholo Re
  • Author: Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq
  • Pages: 58
  • Genre: Fiction, Drama
  • Cost: Rs. 50/-


Set in the backdrop of 1990 Calcutta, She is a story about finding one’s own identity in spite of all odds. The story spins around the life of Kusum, a brave heart whose identity is often untitled and blurred; it does not belong anywhere, definitely not under the ‘he’ or ‘she’ bracket, thanks to our social conditioning. Will she be successful in her mission? Find out in She, an utterly absorbing read that derives inspiration from Tagore’s “Ekla Cholo Re” song, which urges everyone to move on despite the fear of abandonment from others.

About the Author:

Now, please go on and read my review of the book – ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’ by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq.

Plot & Characters:

We talk about women empowerment a lot these days. But, we rarely speak about the issues that transgenders face in this world. They suffer a lot more than women in our society.

The protagonist is a transgender Kusum, born as a boy and struggled a lot when her feminine characteristics were shown. The book talks, though not deeply, on Kusum’s life and how she struggled her ways into adulthood. The story is quite short. Kusum meets Raj over a road trip and the entire story was told as narrated by Kusum on her miseries in life and love because of her gender dysphoria.

My views on ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’:

I was actually expecting a book, but a bit disappointed on receiving a small novella. It barely had 50 pages which I think is not sufficient to justify the powerful plot that the author has had his hands on. I loved the plot – plights of a transgender person, which nobody is willing to write on. Hats off, for that!! 🙂 But, the author should have done more background work as the characters were not quite fixated on my mind as I read the book. And, the book ended within a few minutes. I kind of felt that something was incomplete.

There was several references to Professor’s quotes by Kusum which was initially boring and irritating after a while. I was able to figure out the end as well based on that. Most novels would have such cinematic ends but at least there would be several other happenings before that. But, as the story itself is very short, it was not so impressive to have added a predictable cinematic end to such a book with a powerful plot. Author could improve a bit on story-telling as he fails to keep the readers hooked.



She: Ekla Cholo Re by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq


I am reviewing the book ‘She: Ekla Cholo Re’ by Santosh Avvannavar and Shayan Haq’. This is not a paid post. I received the book from the author for a honest review.

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