DiY Bowling Pins – Tissue paper Tube Craft – Fun indoor game for kids

DiY Bowling Pins – Tissue paper Tube Crafts – Fun indoor game for kids

DiY Bowling Pins – It is a simple and easy craft to make bowling pins out of tissue paper tubes for kids’ indoor play activity. If you are throwing out all your tissue paper tubes, you may want to try this DiY once. You would sure have a fun time with your kids and have an indoor bowling party that you can never forget. 🙂

DiY Bowling Pins - Tissue Paper Tube craft from Homemaking Delight

DiY Bowling Pins – Tissue Paper Tube craft from Homemaking Delight

We recently had a party at our home. While planning for the party, I noticed that we don’t have any toys or play stuffs to engage the kids. I don’t want them to be left alone watching TV all along. I came up with a couple of thoughts to engage them with indoor games that saved us in the final hour. I had planned for a Pizza party also (which I totally forgot to put up in the excitement :|), memory game with cards & my very own Indoor bowling game :D.

Bowling Pins for this indoor bowling game can be easily made with left over toilet or tissue papers. You may not need to sweat much for this project preparation, but I bet you would afterwards. 🙂 You can engage your kids in the making process & spend “Mom & Me” time wisely. You could also invite the neighbor kids and engage them in your game. 🙂 If you are a kindergarten teacher, you could sure use this idea in your painting class to engage your kids for a whole day – half a day in preparation and the rest for fun game. 🙂

Over to “DiY Bowling Pins – Tissue paper Tube Craft with step by step pictures from Home-making Delight..

DiY Bowling Pins – Tissue paper Tube Crafts – Fun indoor game for kids

Materials Needed

Tissue Paper Tubes – 7 (Minimum)

X-Acto Knife

Paint – Any color of your/your kid’s choice

Craft paper


Marker or Pen

Stick glue

Preparation Method:

1. Mark & cut Four – 7 inch tubes, Three – 6 inch tubes, Two – 5 inch tubes & one -4 inch from the tissue paper tube with the help of X-Acto knife.2. Arrange the tissue paper tubes as bowling pins in such a way that the tallest ones are in the rear end and the shortest one is in the front.3. Cut a v-shape at one end of all the tissue paper tubes to add a nice look. Let the paint dry. This step is totally optional and you can skip it if you are in a hurry.4. Paint the tubes using a paintbrush with any color of your choice. Mark the numbers in the circularly shaped papers cut from a craft paper or any fancy paper to match the tube color.5. Paste the circular cuttings on the painted tubes and “voila!”, your bowling pins are ready to be  knocked down. 🙂


  1. Make your kids paint the tubes to keep them engaged.
  2. If you don’t want the tubes messy with paint, you could just cover them with any fancy paper & stick it with glue.
  3. You can increase (5,4,3,2,1) or decrease (3,2,1) the pins by adding or reducing a row.

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