White Nights: The Last Camp – Moonstone Hammock – Go Eventz

White Nights: The Last Camp – Moonstone Hammock – Go Eventz

What is the first fun activity that jumps into your thought-pool when you are asked about an all year round activity? I am sure that would be camping for most people. 😐 We don’t need to rely on the weather much to go for camping. Shining or Snowing, Friends or Family, it doesn’t matter. Camping is always fun. GO CAMPING!!! 🙂

White Nights: The Last Camp-Moonstone Hammock-Homemaking Delight

White Nights: The Last Camp-Moonstone Hammock-Homemaking Delight

Camping is no new to us since the stone age. 🙂 We all heard of numerous stories of the stone age men living in caves. I guess we still got those genes carried over. That’s why we still love to do camping without any bordering walls, sleeping on the soil bed, viewing millions of stars and the magnificent moon that twinkle on us through out the night. 🙂

When we were kids, we did indoor camping (??!! 😀 ) in our house with our cousins, building camp sites with pillows & sheets and, of course, with a story to play along. The closest I experienced the outdoor camping was during my college trip to Ooty. 🙂 Sitting with friends around campfire, playing music, dancing and loads of fun was a moment etched in my mind to be remembered forever.

With the Sun be shining (Shining??? Scorching 😀 ) on our faces in a few days, how about a final comforting bonfire in the cold winds of this season? Moonstone Hammock is inviting you all for the last White Nights winter camp. Get rid of your beds to experience the versatility of Hammocks suspended from trees  above the ground. You can also be adventurous and spend the night in amazing tents floating on water. WOW!!!! They also have ground tents for accommodation to experience great outdoors. Wear your winter jackets, huddle around comforting bonfires and say your good-byes to winter by experiencing the White Nights: The last camp for this season.

White Nights: The Last Camp

Moonstone Hammock is inviting you all for the last White Nights winter camp on 25th-26th February at Karjat, Maharashtra. They offers 3 packages with different accommodation for your convenience including Floating tents, Hanging tree tents and Ground tents. They provide transportation to and from Campsite along with evening snacks, barbecue, dinner and breakfast for the following day. Don’t worry, there will be no camping without music. A live band will be performing to fire up your spirits all night long.

Want to show your chef face to others? Make your own sizzling barbecue & show how a good grill master you are. Work on your calories by participating in the team games and by exploring the camp sites in cycle. Best of all, you don’t want to miss the experience of water activities like kayaking. If you don’t want to engage in the activities and want to enjoy your “Me” time, they got that covered too and stocked up a few novels for the bookworms.

Ready to pack your winter jackets to experience sleeping on outdoor starring at stars and waking up to the chirping noise of birds (other than alarm clock)? Click the link to know more and buy your tickets for White Nights: The Last Camp via Goeventz.

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