Place of Origin – Discover the original taste of India

Place of Origin – Discover the original Taste of India

Food is not just consumed for survival, it represents the culture of a country as well. In almost all the cultures, hospitality is defined as serving a good meal to the guests. Cooking style, basic ingredients, usage of different spices and the combination of flavors differ in different cultures. These styles have been passed from generation to generation to keep the traditional recipes intact. And, that’s what brings the unique taste to the local food.

We are moving frequently to different states, countries & continents on account of studies or job. Though, we love to taste different cuisines, only our traditional food can bring the satisfaction of eating a meal to the heart. We may love eating swiss chocolates, but we would always miss our traditional Thaen Mittai, Kadalai mittai (Peanut burfi / Chikki) and kamarkat. You could understand what I mean, if you grew up eating those in your childhood days ;-). Nowadays, we can get all such products in local stores also (I get thirunelveli Halwa, Srivilliputhur Palkova etc in my supermarket 🙂 ), but they can’t definitely match up the taste of products from their respective places of origin. That’s why we all try to taste the specific cuisines whenever we travel to different places. I tried hard to find and eat local ‘Rasagolas‘  (Rasagullas as we call in South India) when I had been to Kolkatta. But, unfortunately due to time constraints, I could not. 🙁 So, I ended up eating Haldiram’s Rasgolas to satisfy my craving for the time being. 🙁 It’s been 15 years but I still wonder how tasty would that authentic Kolkatta Rasgolas have been!! <Sigh>



You know you can make palkova anywhere if you have milk in hand. Then, what makes the Srivilliputhur palkova taste better? Definitely the milk that’s produced by cows in that area and there could be some secret ingredients :|. The same way the Iruttukadai Halwa made with the minerals in Thamirabarani water from Tirunelveli, Pootharekulu from Andhra Pradesh, Noen GurKarapak Sandesh from Bengal taste better than the same named sweets we get from our local stores.

Speaking of all these local food could have definitely made you drool for the authentic delicacies from a few of your favorite regions. You may be wondering if there is a way to get your hands on such authentic savories that your heart craves for. What if I say “Yes, it’s possible now and it’s online too“?  🙂 We were so excited when we heard about the website PLACE of ORIGIN where you can get all the locally produced food from all over India, shop and get it delivered right at your door steps. WOW!!! 🙂

Place of Origin is India’s largest online platform for buying famous local snacks/sweets/savories online. You can search for more than 3500 sweets & snacks of the famous locals brands from the length and breadth of India. They have even covered Bihu Pitha from Assam, Sund Panjiri from Jammu & Kashmir, Tirunelveli Halwa from Tamil Nadu, Sutarfeni from Gujarat and so on. You can find the food based on different regions from India. More than that, how can we complete our summer meal without including our national & the king of all fruits? Yes, Mangoes. Now, you don’t have to wait for the season to buy Mangoes. You can also buy the finest Alphonso Mangoes, Mango pickles, Aam Papad & Mango sweets online, thanks to Place of Origin.Sweets: Don’t worry if you have allergies or intolerance. They provide different varieties of sweets including vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten-free, nut-free & lactose-free. There are more than 700 sweets you can choose and they have covered everything mouth-watering from Mithai to chocolate fudges & cakes. 🙂

Snacks: What makes our tea time better than having snacks? I always like to have spicy mixture, filter coffee followed by a sweet, preferably hot Ashoka Halwa or a hot gulab jamun or sooji kesari (Pudding). So sophisticated, huh??? 😀 Check out their website to find your favorites from more than 600 listed snacks including Namkeen, Biscuits, Breakfast cereal & bars, dry fruits & Trial mixes.Staples: Not getting your traditional staple food in your area? They have got that covered too. You can choose from their wide collection of staple food including pickles, grains, masalas, tea, coffee, spices & herbs.

This post is sponsored by PlaceofOrigin, a great online store for local food, especially sweets, snacks, staples & Mangoes. I have surfed through the PlaceofOrigin website and the listed food items are mouth watering 🙂 You can see it from the photos here. I totally loved it. You can also see the products from different shops at different price range. Shipping is not available for all the regions but they have covered most of the cities. Check out their website to know if shipping is available for your area. It’s good that they don’t do the shipping on Friday as we are talking about perishable items here. 🙂

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