Baby Shower Decorations – DiY – Baby Shower Wall Decor Ideas

Baby Shower Decorations – DiY Baby Shower Wall Decor Ideas

Baby Shower Decorations – DiY Baby Shower Wall Decor – An easy handmade wall decor made by cutting scrapbook paper in the shape of onesies and pasting the letters on them to spell the name of the newbie MOM. 🙂

Baby Shower Decorations - DiY Baby Shower Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

Baby Shower Decorations – DiY Baby Shower Wall Decor from Homemaking Delight

We were planning for a surprise baby shower for one of our friends. I had recently discovered my interest on the scrapbook paper crafts (which you might be forced to see in our upcoming posts 😀 ). So, I thought of making something with it until that craft-craze wears off. The Onesie garland for baby shower decoration ideas are all over Pinterest these days. As making garland doesn’t suit our other decor ideas, I came up with the idea of making it as a wall decor with the name of the mom-to-be spelled on it. It would sure make the wall attractive and special. I also made a cute mitten and a few socks with the scrapbook paper to go with the onesies. I hope you are impressed with our DiY. Please share your ideas in the comments section so that it would help others. 🙂

Over to “Baby Shower Decorations – DiY Baby Shower Wall Decor with step by step pictures from Home-making Delight..

Materials Needed

Scrapbook Paper – 2 different style sheets

X-Acto Knife

Glue Stick

Paper & Pen

Alphabet Stencil (optional)

Preparation Method:

1. Draw an onesie on a paper for the size you need. Cut this out & use as a stencil. Click to print out the Template of the onesie. Go on and use it, we won’t judge you. 🙂 2. With this stencil, draw outline on the reverse side of the scrapbook paper and cut it out. Repeat & make onesies as many as you required (i.e. for all the letters in the name).3. Draw the mirror image of the letters (or use the stencil) on the reverse side of another scrapbook paper and cut it with X-Acto knife.4. Paste the letters with glue stick and place them gently in the middle of each onesies. Press them gently to attach them to the onesies.5. Stick them to a twine or yarn or paste them directly on the wall and your hand-made Wall Banner is ready to impress your guests and the expectant mommy. 🙂

Click the link to check out more cheap and hand-made Wall Decor ideas that includes a hand-made tissue paper flower, Kitchen-special metallic wall-hanging etc. 🙂


  1. If you have trouble in making the mirror image of an alphabet, draw the letter directly on the front side with a pencil, cut it out and erase any trace on the paper.
  2. Use color specific scrapbook papers if you know the gender. Yes, blue for boy babies and pink for girl babies. 🙂
  3. Also, check the wall color before choosing the scrapbook papers to go with it.

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