FINESSE Shampoo & Conditioner – Product Review

FINESSE Shampoo & Conditioner – Product Review

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With the snow melting, trees blooming and the sun playing hide & seek every now & then, SPRING is finally here. 🙂 Spring is the season for rejuvenation and regrowth, and we all would be looking for products for skin & hair to restore the damage caused by the cold in winter. Because of the less humidity in air during winter, dry scalp, dandruff, dullness & breakage are a few common hair problems we face at that time. What we need is a super-hydrating damage control shampoo and a good nourishing conditioner (like Dove and FINESSE Shampoo and conditioner) that would restore what is damaged by winter and would make the hair healthier, stronger and bouncier. 🙂

We have been trying out several shampoos and conditioner that repair the hair damage. There were a few really bad experiences with a couple of shampoos. 🙁  But, we tried this FINESSE Shampoo recently and we felt it to be good. 🙂 So, we just thought of sharing our experience with our viewers. Over to first-hand review of FINESSE – Shampoo & Conditioner for Homemaking Delight Viewers…

FINESSE-Product Review from Homemaking Delight

FINESSE Shampoo and Conditioner -Product Review from Homemaking Delight

Before we start, let me be very honest of my hair texture. I have frizzy & dull hair that I don’t feel very good about!  The below review is based on my experience with FINESSE shampoo after 5 washes. Also, keep in mind that the texture & strength of the hair also depends on the nutritional food intake.

This is my first time trying out FINESSE shampoo.  Initially, I was excited as well as worried. I was so excited that I was going to try this new product in the market that promised to rejuvenate my dull hair. But, I was worried that what if it causes my hair even more brittle and damages it. But, I must say I was so relieved that it did not cause any additional hair loss that  the other shampoos in the market would cause initially before they get along with our hair. 🙂 So, don’t you worry about trying out FINESSE as a new shampoo for it could cause initial hair fall!!

You know, Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner have shared their secrets for their amazing hair?? – it’s FINESSE shampoo. 🙂 After knowing that, it was one more reason that I couldn’t wait to try that. Do try FINESSE moisturizing shampoo & conditioner for yourself to see the magic it does on your hair. Don’t you worry about the searching for FINESSE shampoo through markets!! FINESSE hair products are available in Walmart, Walgreens, Amazon, Rite Aid & more. 🙂 Good for us!! Yay !!

Product Name – FINESSE – Restore + Strengthen Moisturizing Shampoo & Conditioner

Produced By –  Lornamead

Product Description:

  1. Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner for dry, coarse or damaged hair.

  2. Leaves hair clean, silky soft & manageable to style hair.

  3. Finesse replenishes natural moisture leaving hair healthier, stronger & more alive.

  4. Gentle enough for color-treated hair.

What I Like:

  1. Finesse shampoo is thin and easily spreads on the hair.

  2. Makes the hair silky smooth & shiny after wash.

  3. Not too sticky and easy to wash off.

4. Easy availability.

  1. It did not cause any initial hair fall. Ufff!!

  2. Excellent price. 🙂 Do check out FINESSE shampoo and conditioner at Walgreens and Walmart for a great price and offers. 🙂


  1. Fragrance is too strong for me.

  2. I oil my hair prior to wash. So, it took a lot of shampoo to clean the hair.

  3. I am not sure about the moisturizing. It sure did leave my hair soft & shiny but it still seems dry.

How would I rate:

I would give 4/5 for FINESSE shampoo and 3.5/5 for FINESSE conditioner based on quality and 4.5/5 for cost.

If you are looking for natural hair care tips and ideas, you might wanna check out our hair care posts that include coconut milk treatment for deep conditioning and nourishment, natural henna for coloring and straightening, etc.

Recommendation – Would I buy this product again?

May be

This is a sponsored post, but we are NOT paid for this. This is just based on our own experience which we thought could help our viewers in buying this product.

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