Homemade Gift Basket – DiY – Fruit Gift Basket for mother’s day

Homemade Gift Basket – DiY – Fruit Gift Basket – Hand-made gifts

Homemade gift basket / DiY Fruit Gift basket  is an easy handmade gift in which the hand picked fruits are arranged in a decorated basket and delivered to the recipient at his/her home or workplace for special occasions such as Mother’s day, Valentines day, Christmas & other holidays or as a ‘Thank you‘ gift. 🙂

We all exchange gifts on special occasions & holidays as a token of love. Though, store-bought gifts make our loved ones happy, hand-made gifts are the ones that make them feel special & stay in the heart. It just shows the time & affection they invested in making the gift. I got an opportunity to make a homemade gift basket, when we were invited by our relatives. We were not sure about our visit until the last moment, so I had not planned earlier for a gift and also I didn’t have enough time to buy something special for them. My nephew is a big fan of fruits. So, I thought of making this special & healthy homemade gift basket. There were a few small imperfections here & there (My first time, please!), but together it looked beautiful. 🙂

Homemade Gift Basket - Fruit Gift Basket - DiY from Homemaking Delight

Fruit Gift Basket – DiY from Homemaking Delight

There are so many advantages in making homemade gift basket compared to getting from stores. You can choose your favorite basket ingredients and it’s much cheaper. With that money, you can buy more basket contents for them. 😀 Homemade gift basket is perfect for picky eaters, fruit lovers and people with allergies. With Mother’s day coming around, we all have been searching for gifts to our moms who love us the most. I believe posting this DiY at this time can help, if you guys are looking for any hand-made gifts for your mommy on mother’s day. 🙂  Surprise and make your moms eat healthy (it’s our turn now 🙂 ) for this Mother’s Day (May 14,2017).

Over to “Homemade Gift Basket – DiY – Fruit Gift Basket with step by step pictures from Home-making Delight..

Homemade Gift Basket – DiY – Fruit Gift Basket

Materials Needed

Fruits of your choice (preferably Organic – I used Apple, Banana, Grapes, Orange, Pomegranate, Mango, Strawberry, Peach and a few chocolates)

Basket – 1

Stuffing/Basket Filling/Paper Shred


Cling film Press’n’seal or Cellophane Wrap

Colored Tissue paper

Gift Tag

Brown tape


Preparation Method:

  1. Layer the base of the basket with tissue paper and fill half of the basket with it, filling loosely. Cover the handle with colored ribbon and tape the ends firmly to the basket (optional).2. Start arranging the fruits alternatively inside the basket to make it colorful. There is no rule. But, you can place durable ones (apple, pineapple, orange, pomegranate) at the bottom & the delicate ones (strawberry, grapes) at the top.3. Once you are satisfied with the way it looks, wrap it using cling film and seal the ends at the basket sides with brown tape.4. Cover the brown tape with color paper, ribbon or fabric (it works better) to make it look pretty. This step is optional.5. I stuck a few colored ribbons bows in the basket handle. Finally, attach the tag with your thoughtful words and the gift basket is ready to be delivered.Tit-Bits:
  1. If you see any space in between the fruits, just stuff some tissue paper in the gaps to place the fruits in position.
  2. To add chocolates, keep them in cupcake liners and insert a tooth pick to it so that you can easily place them in between the fruits.
  3. If you want your basket to look stuffed with only a few fruits, then just cover each fruit with layers of tissue paper to fill the space.
  4. For baskets without handle, just wrap the whole thing, the basket & the fruits all together with cellophane role and tie a single big bow at the top to make it presentable.

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