Mayonnaise mask for hair -Top benefits of mayo on hair care

Top benefits of Mayo on hair care – Mayonnaise mask for hair

Goodness of mayo on hair care – Mayonnaise mask for hair – Mayonnaise or as we call mayo is a well-known dressing that is often used in sandwiches, salads and dips. It’s primary ingredient is egg with yolk which is known for its good proteins. Lemon juice or vinegar is also present in mayo which are used widely in hair care. As you know, hair loves protein and when it gets enough protein, it grows longer, healthier and stronger. This has got mayo to an excellent place in hair care regimen.

My hair is quite fine. It used to be thin and dull. But after I started taking good care of it and ate nutritious food, it has become better now. I have no complaints at least. But, during the last December snow, my usually straight hair had become very frizzy &dry and it was kinda pointing out in all directions. It gave a few of my friends a good laugh too. 😀 It had become quite non-manageable as the winter progressed. I couldn’t style my hair as I wished. It refused to stand still and was looking to spread away from my head pointing to all the directions. 😐 I later learnt that it was caused by the dryness in the winter air. My conditioners were able to help only to some extent to control the frizziness of my hair. Go on and read how I used natural coconut milk mask and mayonaisse mask for hair and escaped my frizzy, electric and dry hair. 🙂  Over to tips and benefits of using Mayonaisse mask for hair from Home MakingDelight..

Top benefits of mayo on hair care - Mayonnaise mask for hair _ Mayo Mask in hair care - HomeMakingDelight

Top benefits of mayo on hair care – Mayonnaise mask for hair – Mayo Mask in hair care – HomeMakingDelight

There are lots of benefits on using this mayonnaise mask for hair. The primary benefits would be to make your hair soft and to control the dryness and frizziness. It has got other good advantages too. Please go on and read those..

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Replacing eggs in hair care: 

We all know eggs are good for hair. If you are a vegetarian and if you couldn’t stand the smell of eggs, mayo can help. I wouldn’t say mayo is totally odor-free. But, it’s better than using eggs. Applying egg could be a messy process. But, mayo is very easy to apply.

Deep conditioner:

If you are using mayo mask for hair, there is no need to use a separate conditioner as this itself is suffice. It also nourishes the hair and treats damage. If you have damaged hair, you can check out our hibiscus hair mask which would help to repair and strengthen your hair.

Controls Frizzy/Dry hair caused by winter dryness:

As I told already, if your hair is very dry and frizzy in winter, applying this mayonnaise mask for hair would treat it well. You can use once in a week for a month to see the results.

Helps Straightens hair:

As mayo loosens curls, the mask helps straightening the hair to some extent. If you have curly texture, it’s not possible to straighten it. But, if you have curls here and there or at then ends, you can use this mayonnaise mask for hair to control and straighten it. Again, the effect is temporary. You may have to apply it regularly to maintain. If you are looking for natural ways to straighten hair naturally, I would highly recommend ‘coconut milk mask‘ than this mayo mask. That’s the best hair mask to get straight hair.

Easy to apply:

It won’t spill. It’s not messy and quite easy to apply on hair. It can be easily mixed with other masks as well.

Adds shine:

Use this mayonnaise mask for hair and see for yourself the new shine added to your tresses. If you need shiny and colored bouncy hair, try out henna mask for hair. 🙂 My another favorite for naturally coloring the hair.

How to apply the Mayonnaise mask for hair:

Method 1:

  1. Damp your hair and apply mayo on wet hair.
  2. Leave it on for 1-2 hours.
  3. Wash it off using a mild shampoo. Conditioner is not needed, but you can apply very less, if you want.
  4. Dry and style your hair.

Method 2:

  1. Apply Mayo on hair completely.
  2. Wrap a towel dipped on warm water and tie it tight.
  3. Wash it off and dry.  Style your hair.


  1. If your hair is already soft and straight, you might not need it much. You may have to apply less or skip the conditioner. Because, it would moisturize very deeply and hair could not bounce as it used to. I kept on using the mayo with conditioner after winter and I felt my hair way too soft to bounce.

    Top benefits of mayo on hair care - Mayonnaise mask for hair _ Mayo Mask in hair care - HomeMakingDelight

    Top benefits of mayo on hair care – Mayonnaise mask for hair – Image Source – Internet

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  1. Do ensure that your mayo is organic. If in case, your brand is loaded with lots of preservatives, then it might cause more damage than good for hair.
  2. Please don’t buy flavored, salty, egg-free, low fat or fat-free mayonnaise. Regular should be fine.
  3. Don’t overdo the mayo hair mask. Applying it once a week would do.
  4. It’s better to go for homemade mayonnaise for hair mask. This way you can ensure that there are no preservatives.
  5. Don’t apply the mayo right after you take it from the fridge. Let it come to room temperature before you use it.

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