Mobile Phone Telescope Review – Product from Tophatter

Mobile Phone Telescope Review – Product from Tophatter

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Have you ever heard about a telescope for mobile?? Me neither. I guess, there is no surprise in releasing such product as we are currently living in the selfie world (whether we like it or not 😉 ). It is easy to snap pictures with mobile phone on the go unless you don’t mind carrying DSLR. I have been using mobile phone to take pictures these days, so when I saw the mobile telescope on Tophatter shopping website (Read the website review) I bought that thinking it would be useful.

The kind I bought is a portable universal 8X optical zoom telescope camera lens – it’s a magnifier that clips on your mobile phone and helps your smartphone to zoom closer to take the pictures which you wouldn’t able to get without the lens.

Mobile Phone Telescope - Product review from Homemaking Delight

Mobile Phone Telescope – Product review from Homemaking Delight

Product Name – 8x Optical Zoom Telescope Camera Lens Clip Mobile Phone Telescope Universal

Product Description (what they claimed):

  1. 8x external lens, high quality digital zoom.

  2. Great for traveling, watching shows and long distance photo taking.

  3. Universally suitable for iPhone, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Xiaomi, etc. Opt for mobile phone image lovers

What I Like:

  1. The product is portable and it’s easy to carry on the travel.
  2. Inexpensive – Bought it with a great deal (for 1$ after coupons) at Tophatter website.
  3. Works with both i Phone & Samsung.

What I don’t like:

  1. No instruction manual was provided.
  2. It may seem easy to install but it’s hard to keep the lens in position to get the view.
  3. It zoom things as described. However, the clarity of the pictures taken with it are very poor.
  4. It’s very hard to hold the zoom lens firm so the pictures seem to be shaking while viewing.
  5. No matter how hard I tried to adjust the lens in position, I still got black corners in the pictures (Bottom corners in the left image).
  6. There’s no proper brand name mentioned on the package received. It’s mentioned to be sold by GD electronics at Tophatter website.
Image taken using Mobile phone telescope

Image taken using Mobile phone telescope

Zoomed image taken with mobile phone

Zoomed image taken with mobile phone










How would I rate:

I would give 2/5 for this one based on quality.

Recommendation – Would I buy this product again?

No – For Professional Photography

Yes – Only if you want an inexpensive way to just view things on your travel that can be visual only if zoomed.

We wish tophatter would verify the quality of the products auctioned at the website. Their customer service is good and the website is great. We have bought a few other items via tophatter also. Those reviews would be up here soon. Stay tuned.

This is NOT a sponsored post and we are NOT paid for this. Thits is just based on our own experience which we thought could help our viewers in buying this product.

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