Baked Okra Recipe – Bhindi Fry in Oven – Quick Starter for Parties

Baked Okra Recipe – Bhindi Fry in Oven Recipe

Baked Okra Recipe is a non-sticky baked version of our bhindi fry in which the finely chopped & seasoned lady’s fingers are baked in the oven after which they are sauteed with onions. Finally, they are garnished with freshly grated coconut. Easy, risk-free, non-sticky & baked okra version for the okra lovers out there. 😀

Baked Okra - Bhindi Fry in Oven Recipe from Homemaking Delight

Baked Okra Recipe – Fried bhindi  from Homemaking Delight

As much as I loved to eat bhindi fry aka okra fry, cooking “bhindi fry” was not my favorite during my initial cooking days. It was mainly because of its sticky nature and long minutes of sauteing okra in kadai with constant stirring to get the perfect okra fries. During that phase, I had made a few funny dishes in the name of bhindi fry. 😀 Hope, people who had tasted that, had quite forgotten and moved on now.  😐 Here’s the solution to the biggest okra problem ever – how to cook okras fast, tasty and non-sticky. 🙂

Pan-fried okras are good to make in small quantities. But, when you are planning to prepare in bulk for any party or get-together, baked okra is a better option that saves a lot of time. You don’t need to worry about adding curd or rice flour for making non-sticky vendaikkai fries. Just, layer the bhindi in single layer and bake. It won’t be sticky at all, when it comes out of the oven fully cooked. You can have it as such with some freshly added coconut or saute them with onions & curry powder for more flavor. So, don’t have any second thoughts on buying lady’s finger from the market fretting on its stickiness. Remember, that our baked okra recipe is there to save you. 🙂

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Serves – 2-3


Okra – 5 cups finely chopped

Chili powder – 1 or 2 tsp

Curry Powder – 2 tsp

Fresh Coconut – 3 tblsp (shredded) Optional

Oil – 3 tblsp

Salt as required

To Temper: [Optional]

Oil – 2 tsp

Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp

Curry leaves – few

Onion – 1/2 finely chopped

Preparation Method:

1.Wash the okra/lady’s finger in water and dry it completely. Once it’s dried, cut the ends and chop them finely. Pre-heat the oven to 350 F.2. Transfer the okra to a baking dish and add oil, chili powder & salt. Mix it well and let it get baked in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until it’s cooked (when it gets easily mashed/crushed between your two fingers).

3. Heat oil in a pan and temper it with mustard seeds & curry leaves followed by chopped onions. Saute them until it turns pink.4. Transfer the cooked okras and give a nice stir. Then, add curry powder and saute them until the raw curry smell goes off.5. Add grated coconut, mix well, switch off the flame.6. Serve your baked bhindi – Baked non-sticky vendaikkai hot with rice or chapathi. 🙂

If you are an okra-fan, do check out our other recipes with Okra – Pan-Fried Okra with caramelized onion, Okra Fritters-Lady’s Finger Fritters.

This baked okra recipe is our day-20 post for our 21-day mini blogathon. 🙂


  1. Bake the Okras a little longer if you want to to get a crunchy texture to your oven-made okra fries.
  2. Cooking time depends on size and amount of the chopped okra.
  3. Layer the okras in single layer for even cooking and non-sticky texture.
  4. For this baked okra recipe to work, please do ensure that you have dried your okras completely. Use a clean cloth to wipe after washing, if needed.
  5. You could skip the tempering, if you would like to serve as starter. Or, temper it well to make it a veggie curry to go as a side for your rice and roti. 🙂

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