Vegetarian Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe

Vegetarian Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe

Vegetarian Spaghetti is a staple Italian food in which the cooked angel hair pasta is sauteed with onion & garlic, tossed with vegetables, pasta sauce, soy sauce & a tint of balsamic vinegar, seasoned with salt & pepper and topped with Mozzarella & parmesan cheese.

Vegetarian Spaghetti - Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe from Homemaking Delight

Vegetarian Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe from Homemaking Delight

I hate Mondays and the heavy downpour here just made the last Monday the worst of all. It usually takes me at least until Tuesday to get back to weekday mode. 😀 Same with my tummy. It’s still expecting something exotic that we get in restaurants over weekends. If there’s something that could solve my problem (lazy but want a special home-made meal), that would be vegetarian spaghetti. 😀 I cooked that and I totally loved it! Though the recipe works good with all varieties of spaghetti, I highly recommend using “angel hair” which has a unique taste. You have multiple choices to choose with the sauce. The seasoned pasta with the tomato sauce, soy sauce with crunchy veggies and a tinge of balsamic vinegar would make the pasta quite tasty. Adding roasted veggies instead of cooked one would give nice texture & taste in every spoon. Enjoy a hearty meal with your special home-cooked vegetarian spaghetti!!!Over to  “Vegetarian Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe from Home-Making-Delight with step by step photos..

Vegetarian Spaghetti – Spaghetti with Pasta Sauce Recipe

Serves 2


Spaghetti (Angel Hair pasta) – 2 Servings (Use the hole in the middle of spaghetti spoon to measure one serving)

Mixed veggies – 1/2 cup (Carrot, beans, peas, corn, broccoli, bell pepper)

Onion – 1/4 cup

Tomato – 1/4 cup

Garlic – 2 pods

Soy Sauce – 2 tsp

Reduced balsamic Vinegar – 1 tsp (don’t skip this)

Pasta Sauce – 1/2 cup (any variety)

Cheese – 1/2 cup (Mozzarella + 2 tblsp Parmesan) or as required

Dry Oregano – 1/4 tsp

Salt & Pepper – as per your taste

Preparation Method:

  1. Cook the angel hair spaghetti in water along with vegetables and salt. Once cooked, drain the remaining water.

  2. In the mean time, heat the pan with oil. Add onions, garlic & bell pepper followed by tomatoes and saute for a minute or so. Make sure that bell pepper remains crispy.

  3. Add the cooked spaghetti carefully to the pan. Then, add pasta sauce, soy sauce & pepper. Stir them well with tongs.

  4. Finally, add balsamic vinegar, oregano & cheese. Serve hot or warm the special spaghetti with salad or garlic bread.

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  1. Refer the instructions in the box to cook the spaghetti. Try not to overcook it.
  2. Skip the step of cooking vegetables with pasta, if you prefer to have those roasted & crunchy.
  3. You can prepare your own bell pepper sauce & add it to the spaghetti instead of store-bought pasta sauce. Refer the link for the Red Bell Pepper Sauce Recipe.

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