London Linen Decorative Indigo2ashNY Flange Throw Pillow – Product Review


London Linen Decorative Indigo2ashNY Flange Throw Pillow

Back in good old days, people lived in houses that have unique style and structure. Now, with the growing population, we all have been living in few square-feet apartments with same structure and just a wall separating us. Then, what can make us feel our home unique and express our own style and character? It’s furniture and decorations we add to our home sweet homes. Furniture occupies most of the living space and makes you feel lived in, comforting and welcoming. The unique accessories we add to the living room and the furniture according to our taste & style could bring out more life & color. Unknowingly, the furniture would become part of the family when the kids running or jumping out of the sofas, drinking coffee with our guests in the coffee table, family movie nights on recliners or fascinating stories we tell our kids at the dinner table. These memories are the ones that make us feel unique and can proudly call our house an actual “home“.

I was thinking to change my old throw pillows as they started looking dull. Without the throw pillows, the couch looked plain and it kept on reminding me of missing something. I was so glad and relieved when I received the 22″x 22″ London linen Decorative Indigo2ashNY Flange Throw pillows – Indigo2ashNY from Amazon. Those perfectly fit and sit on my leather-fabric sofa and the golden color brightens the appearance and lightens up the living room by giving a new fresh look. If you are moving out to a new apartment, replacing or buying a new furniture or you want to impress the buyers for your furnished move-in apartments, then it’s time for you to check out for the “Londen linen Flange Throw Pillows”.

London Linen Decorative Flange Throw Pillow - Indigo2ashNY - Product Review

London Linen Decorative Flange Throw Pillow – Indigo2ashNY Flange Pillows- Product Review

22″ x 22″ Cotton Decorative Indigo2ashNY Flange Throw Pillow in London Linen, Set of 2

Product Name – 22″ x 22″ Cotton Decorative Indigo2ashNY Flange Throw Pillow in London Linen

Manufacturer – Indigo2ashNY

Product Description:

London Linen Flange pillow is perfect for the bookish texture-lover.

London Linen Flange pillow provides visual attractions and tactile interest to enhance any sofa or floor, yet not so loud as to be a distraction.

Dimensions: 22″ x 22″ Square with 1″ Flange Detail perfectly fits on any sofa.

London Linen Flange Fabric: 35% Cotton, 65% Polyester

Pillows stuffed with Feather insert made of 100% duck feather

Hidden Zipper gives a comfortable back support without constantly moving & hiding.

What I Like:

Fabric or Leather, London Linen Indigo2ashNY Flange pillow suits all kinds of sofas perfectly.

No need to comprise on the colors. You will get to choose the colors from their wide array of colors that suits perfectly for your furniture.

The perfect two 22″x 22″ dimension square pillows on both corners could fit the many sofa sizes.

while watching TV and relaxing on a sofa or sectional, the soft feathers in flange pillow gives a comfortable back support.

Also, serves as a head rest for your afternoon nap on the sofa.

Removable covers for easy washing to keep the pillows always presentable.


  1. A few feathers started to come out after using it for 2 months. This makes me wonder about its durability.
  2. When we received the product from amazon, one of the pillows happened to have a few black spots. But, it was all gone when I wiped with a damp cloth.
  3. Product seems to be bit pricy. We got the set for $50.

This is a sponsored post, but we are NOT paid for this. This is just based on our own experience which we thought could help our viewers in buying this product.

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